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Android Developer


At The Floow, we see something special where others see mobile phones. We see tools with the power to tell us so much more about ourselves than we could ever hope to know otherwise. Tools equipped with a wide array of rich sensors such as Accelerometers, GPS and Gyroscopes. And we value the talents of those whose calling it is to unlock their deepest mysteries.


We develop smartphone apps for insurers, to collect driving data and deliver services to them and their customers. You can be part of the team that is at the leading edge of telematics app mobile development We develop apps that collect data, or inform drivers how to improve their driving behaviour, communicate with fitted devices or SDK’s designed to be fully integrated into our clients mobile apps.

We believe that our mobile app development is world class and we intend to remain in that position.


Here within the Android team, we have made it our goal to tap into the power of the largest mobile ecosystem on the planet in the world, and bring the benefits of the knowledge this power grants to customers all over the world. That’s why we have built rich mobile apps for customers all over the world, from Norway to Ireland, South Africa to the United States, Argentina to London that combine this knowledge with state of the art data science.

It’s also why we have always been on the cutting edge of research and development within The Floow, working closely with data scientists to build new models with the richness of information we can provide- finding new ways to bring value to our clients, and their customers.

As our portfolio grows, we have risen to the challenge of delivering a great user experience alongside cutting edge new features- of delivering critical sensor feedback to ever evolving data science models, all while constantly keeping an eye on managing ever changing targets, such as multiple Android versions and ever more efficient uses of our customers’ precious data and battery power.

And we will continue to rise to this challenge, but this requires talent, and that’s where you come in.


As an Android Developer with The Floow, you will be passionate about programming and have a sound understanding of Android software development and related concepts. iOS experience is viewed as a very compelling desirable skill. At The Floow you’ll be creating state-of-the-art apps, within an exciting emerging industry – telematics.

You will be responsible for the on-going development and improvement of a range of Android applications designed by us to meet the requirements of the Company’s clients as well state of the art own-branded apps to showcase our technology.


  • You’re an authority on everything Android. Subject matter expert on different Android versions and SDK architectures.
  • You’re at home working as part of a diverse but tightly knit system of teams, instantly understanding and compromising with all stakeholders- technical and non-technical, internal and external. Communicating clearly and effectively.
  • You appreciate great design and understand the value of going a step beyond building something that merely works, to designing something that evolves and scales effortlessly.
  • You understand the value of testing and Quality Assurance.
  • You are at home working in an Agile fashion, deploying rapidly, collaborating closely, making pragmatic decisions, and have no problem adapting to rapidly evolving specifications.
  • You have the ability to pick up and analyse an existing codebase to push the product forward, focusing on delivery and refactoring when needed.
  • You aren’t afraid to break new ground, and tackle problems that may not have been solved by anyone before you.

Required Skills


  • Computer Science / related numerate degree (BS or MS) or equivalent work experience
  • OOP, Java, Concurrency, reflection
  • Git, Maven, Gradle, Android Studio
  • 2-4 years of Native Android development experience (Java)
  • Android SDK
  • Strong interpersonal, oral and written communication skills
  • Experience targeting multiple Android devices across all OS versions.


  • Strong team worker experience and ethic
  • Strong organizational and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work in an agile development team
  • Proactive and self-motivated
  • Good communicator
  • Flexible and responsible attitude to work in order to achieve objectives
  • Ability to work against critical timescales


  • UNIX/Mac OS/Linux terminal and shell scripting
  • Familiarity with Apache Thrift, JSON and Google Cloud Services
  • UI/UX skills
  • Experience in the Mobile industry, working on devices with limited power supply
  • Understanding of wireless communication protocols at a low level, ability to work with binary logic
  • Interest in embedded devices/systems
  • Ability to deploy Unit Testing toolchains and methodologies
  • Understanding of Objective C and iOS development, able to work closely with iOS developers.
  • Continuous integration
  • Experience interacting with non-technical clients in the Financial Sector



  • You’ll have an opportunity to take a key role in a fast growing mobile team, shaping the final form of a rapidly evolving technology gaining relevance at an accelerated pace
  • You’ll have the opportunity to make an impact within the team, applying the skills and methodologies you bring to evolve an existing software infrastructure and take it to the next level
  • You’ll be able to work closely with key players in the growing field of UBI (Usage Based Insurance), as well as other clients in the automotive and other industries
  • The position advertised is a permanent role, with remuneration based upon experience
  • We offer both Bonus and Pension schemes for all employees as well as 21 days holiday
  • You’ll be working in our Sheffield City Centre location which has good public transport links and car parking.
  • You’ll be working for a company with an excellent culture, in a friendly and relaxed environment where the kitchens are always stocked with tea, coffee and food, where gaming facilities (consoles, ping pong) offer opportunities to interact with coworkers, and where beer fridays & nights out are common.

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If you think you may have the right skills, please send a copy of your CV to us and make sure to mention the reference IAD5.

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