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Our FloowFleet solution allows commercial lines insurers to offer to their fleet customers the opportunity to effectively track their vehicles and drivers, allowing for better risk management. FloowFleet is designed to support insurers offering policies for small fleets of light duty vehicles.

Our FloowFleet solution provides a robust, reliable and scalable fleet telematics solution that’s quick-to-deploy and easy to use. FloowFleet enables commercial lines insurers to bring to market a solution that allows fleet managers to track their vehicles via an OBD or fitted device. By tracking and scoring each journey in real-time and enabling the fleet manager to set geofences, FloowFleet provides control and detailed driver insights allowing for better management of risk.


Features & Benefits of FloowFleet


A reliable, best in class scoring and analytics engine that’s been developed over the last eight years. Combining a world class suite of behavioural and contextual scores, our scoring engine is proven to be highly predictive of claim propensity.

Insurer Portal

A user-friendly web portal providing insurers with a range of data including driver scores and app engagement.

Simple Customisation

FloowFleet is customisable from a brand and appearance perspective so an insurer can deliver an appropriately branded portal for use by a fleet manager and their agents.

Fleet Manager Portal

Scores are presented via a robust management information portal, that’s accessible via mobile, tablet or desktop. Fleet managers receive journey-level information that’s straightforward to understand and presented as ‘red, amber and green’ against a number of scoring categories.

Benefits to the Fleet Manager

Easy to setup to help fleet managers track their vehicles, monitor driver performance to better identify and manage risk, improve driver safety, manage duty of care and better maintain their vehicles.

Geofence Alerts

Simple set up of geofences to help fleet managers monitor and protect their assets by keeping them notified of events or triggers for each vehicle.

Cost Effective

Production-ready and highly scalable to meet the demands of real-time trip capture and scoring.

Range of Devices

Works with OBD port devices and fitted devices.

Simple Onboarding

Allows fleet managers to get up and running quickly.

Strong product roadmap

A strong product roadmap introducing many new features over time, influenced by market research and our analytics interface which provides insights into how fleet managers interact with their dashboard – vital for the planning of future developments to FloowFleet.


Request a demo of FloowFleet

Request a demo of FloowFleet