We support insurers worldwide to achieve safer and smarter mobility for everyone

We work with the best motor insurers in the world, delivering superior predictions and transforming insurance into a rich mobility service. With one of the largest insurance telematics teams in the industry, we push the data science frontier helping actuaries build unique insights.

The Floow harnesses the power of sensors, software and data, enabling insurers to focus on their core mission of protecting consumers. We are dedicated to equipping the insurance industry with indispensable technology tools that protect human life and promote all forms of smart mobility awaiting us.

Our Products

We bring together a unique depth of resources, to take on some of the most ambitious telematics propositions in the world, with a level of personal care and attention to details that is akin to craft.

Data Collection

Collection of mobility data from any sensing device

Our technology is "device agnostic": we collect data from smartphones and from on-board devices (self-installed, professionally fitted or originally installed devices).

We turn smartphones into powerful mobility sensors, through SDK for integration in third party assets or through Native App.

Photo of laptop with screenshot of Europcar Fleet Dashboard
Europcar Fleet Dashboard

Predictive Analytics

Scores and Insights to accurately predict and price risk

Through behavioural data - contextually enriched after capture from any sensing device - our team delivers scores with demonstrably superior predictive power.

Our world-class scoring platform pushes behavioural scores to match and surpass traditional, proxy-based models and enables pricing straight from telematics data.

Photo of iPhone with screenshot of Shotgun app for Direct Line
Shotgun app for Direct Line

User engagement

On the Road to the Mass Market

On behalf of insurers, we develop services for consumers and fleets, driving mass market adoption through data-driven engagement including Crash Management, Education and Online Rewards.

We are aggressively developing new services to help our insurance partners and their policyholders take advantage of the transforming world of mobility.

Floow Coach

Predicting and Conditioning the Future

Inspired by the insights from decades of the best social science on driver behaviour, Floow Coaching is impactful behavioural conditioning and measurement.

Contact us to learn how to generate superior human, social and economic benefits with Floow Coach.

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