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At The Floow, coming to work is more than 'just a job'. Our team of 100 people are united in one shared mission: we believe we have a unique role to play in making mobility safer and smarter for everyone, and that's what drives us as a company and as individuals.

We're convinced that telematics will transform mobility and play a big part in reducing deaths and serious injuries on our roads. And our brilliant team at The Floow bring their expertise and ingenuity in technology, data science and social science to make this happen. We deliver amazing solutions for our customers in insurance, fleets and motor manufacturing.

Our story

The Floow was founded and incorporated in 2012 by our CEO Aldo Monteforte, our CIO Dr Sam Chapman, and our CTO Paul Ridgway.

The idea and vision for The Floow was first conceived by Aldo who wanted to make vehicles safer, smarter and cheaper for all. He saw the opportunity to change the telematics industry by making use of data and social sciences in ways that could change driver behaviour and lower the risks on our roads.

The company name - The Floow - was inspired by a concept in social science. If you experience 'flow' you are in a state of deep concentration and can make amazing things happen. The early days of setting up the company saw the founding team in a state of almost constant flow. And even today, with more than 100 people and having achieved rapid growth and success, it's our shared focus on making mobility smarter and safer for all that keeps the team in a state of flow.

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Our founders' story

The Floow timeline

    1. Oct 2011

      Steve Jobs 1955-2011

      "Stay hungry
      Stay foolish"

    2. Dec 2011

      A faculty member at the University of Sheffield introduces Aldo to Sam and Paul where they discuss his plan and vision for The Floow.

    1. Jan 2012

      The Floow Ltd is incorporated and work begins at Aizlewood's Mill office space.

    2. Aug 2012

      NASA Curiosity Rover lands on Mars and sends the first pictures of the planet's surface.

    3. Sep 2012

      Initial engagement and development work to create telematics app for Direct Line Group, one of the biggest insurers in the UK.

    4. Oct 2012

      Felix Baumgartner breaks records for highest-ever manned balloon flight as well as speed and altitude records for a free fall.

    1. Feb 2013

      DrivePlus Android app V1 rolled out for Direct Line Group.

    2. Jun 2013

      The Floow moves from Aizlewood's Mill to OXO House, Joiner Street.

    3. Oct 2013

      First road powered vehicle network is rolled out in South Korea in the city of Gumi.

    1. Jan 2014

      Official release of Direct Line Group's DrivePlus Van app.

    2. Mar 2014

      The XLNTdriver app is released with AIG Ireland.

    3. Mar 2014

      First version of Oculus Rift DK2 is shipped to backers opening a new eta for Virtual Reality headsets and applications.

    4. Jul 2014

      Direct Line Group invests in The Floow.

    5. Jul 2014

      The Floow wins Frost and Sullivan - Usage Base Insurance - Customer Value Leadership Award.

    6. Nov 2014

      The Floow wins 'Best Telematics Based Project' at The Digital Insurance & Technology Awards.

    7. Nov 2014

      Amazon releases the Alexa device, bringing an intelligent personal assistant into the home.

    8. Dec 2014

      The Floow receives the Made in Sheffield mark.

    1. Jan 2015

      The Floow expands operations to North America.

    2. Apr 2015

      Apple Watch is released and 12 million devices are sold in 2015 alone.

    3. Nov 2015

      Creative England names The Floow as a Future Leader Award winner.

    4. Nov 2015

      The Floow wins Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards.

    5. Nov 2015

      The Floow wins Tech City Future Fifty Award.

    1. Apr 2016

      The Floow is awarded the 2016 Queen's Award for Enterprise Innovation.

    2. Apr 2016

      SpaceX makes history by landing a rocket at sea for the first time, leading to possibilities of re-use for future explorations.

    3. Dec 2016

      Ptolemus awards The Floow 1st place in its UBI Supplier Rankings for European Telematics Service Providers.

    4. Dec 2016

      The Floow wins Young Business Award at the Yorkshire Business Awards.

    1. Feb 2017

      The Floow turns 5 and has developed into a leading provider of telematics data service to the global insurance industry.

    2. Mar 2017

      £13m equity investment for The Floow from Fosun, United Electronics and DLG.

    3. Mar 2017

      Huge DLG milestone of 1,000,000,000 miles of data being recorded.

    4. Mar 2017

      The Floow wins Northern Tech Awards - Top 50 Fastest Growing Technology Companies Award.

    5. Apr 2017

      Samsung Galaxy S8 is released ahead of Apple's X model (Sept) and receives critical acclaim - it's cheaper and has a bigger screen.

    6. Sep 2017

      The Floow announces a new office in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

    7. Sep 2017

      Bitcoin crosses the $5000 threshold for the first time having traded at $1000 a year earlier.

    8. Sep 2017

      The Floow moves from Oxo House to the new Floow Campus on Wicker Lane, Sheffield.

    9. Sep 2017

      Cassini spacecraft ends 20 year mission to explore Saturn having streamed measurements over 1 billion miles back to Earth.

    10. Nov 2017

      The team at The Floow now totals more than 100 people.

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Our values

At The Floow, we are passionate about our mission, our clients and our people. We've selected four company values which embody our culture and shape how we work every day:

We spoke to some of the team here at The Floow to find out what these values mean to them.


Our experienced leadership team has a diverse set of skills, with a track record of success across the insurance, telematics, consulting and technology industries.

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