Paul Ridgway

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

When The Floow first started, Paul architected and implemented the majority of the company's technology - both software and hardware, on all devices and platforms. His role has evolved as the company has grown and he is now our Chief Technology Officer overseeing the design, development, data science, QA and project management teams and working with clients such as Direct Line Group and AIG.

Paul holds a First Class Honours Masters degree in Software Engineering from the University of Sheffield and he is an experienced software architect and developer. While he specialises in large scale and multi-platform architecture design and implementation, his knowledge covers a vast range of related topics including mobile and embedded platforms, hardware design and development, 2D and 3D graphics, machine learning, ability and scalability.

For the last 10 years, Paul has worked in the Computer Industry developing hardware and software solutions for a variety of clients, often leading development and managing the projects. Past work has included an award winning large-scale distributed web crawler and a highly acclaimed 3D graphics technology demo in the form of a computer game.

For Paul, it was difficult to pinpoint just one moment that he is most proud of but building The Floow to a company of 100 people and a tech team of 60+ is a great achievement for him. Plus, he sees everything from the brilliant clients to the travel helping to make his role even more rewarding and enjoyable.

Outside of work, Paul's main interests include music - he plays guitar, drums and keyboard - programming/computers, drones and F1. He's also got 2 dogs, a wife and a new baby which he describes as an interesting new hobby!

Photo of Paul Ridgway

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