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Who's In Control of Driverless Technology

Last week, an exhibition opened at the Science Museum in London which focuses on Driverless technology and who is in control. It also explores ‘how close we are to living in a world driven by thinking machines’ which run on technology heralded to ‘change the way we live our lives’.

The Floow at Apple WWDC - Part 3

After three content-packed days where I'd had the chance to listen to some interesting, informative and inspiring talks at this year's WWDC, there was now only two days left to learn, speak to Apple developers and get to grips with the enthusiasm of the conference staff.

The Floow at Dig-in, Austin, Texas

We recently attended this year’s Dig-In conference and exhibition, the industry-leading event which showcases the best aspects of the digital future of insurance and The Floow was proud to be part of it.

The Floow at Apple WWDC 2019 - Part 2

Once you get to the conference, there are so many things on offer. Each hour there are four different sessions to choose from and lots of labs to attend where you have the opportunity to ask questions directly of Apple developers.

The Floow at Apple WWDC 2019 - Part 1

This week, I'm attending the Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), colloquially known as ‘Dub Dub’, in San Jose to find out more about how updates and developments in the world of Apple will have an effect on The Floow's products and solutions.

Driving Actuarial Innovation with Better Outcomes

In the final part of our scoring series, we look at Better Outcomes and how telematics can create a number of positive outcomes for insurers including tackling fraudulent claims and other costs associated with insurance policies.

Driving Actuarial Innovation with Better Partnerships

At The Floow, we believe that long-term and highly invested relationships deliver the best partnership with our clients. Our longest standing client has been with us from the very beginning, which has allowed them to benefit from the opportunity to train their scores against their claims data, to develop a new set of unique scores upon the solid baseline of our core scoring platform.

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