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Driving Actuarial Innovation with Better Partnerships

At The Floow, we believe that long-term and highly invested relationships deliver the best partnership with our clients. Our longest standing client has been with us from the very beginning, which has allowed them to benefit from the opportunity to train their scores against their claims data, to develop a new set of unique scores upon the solid baseline of our core scoring platform.

Driving Actuarial Innovation with Better Insights

With telematics, the traditional factors associated with the vehicle, age, postcode, profession and claims history are no longer the only indicators as this technology introduces a new set of policyholder scores based upon an understanding of the true picture of a driver’s behaviour.

Reducing the Number of Road Deaths

Recent figures published by the European Commission, show that fewer people are dying on European roads, and in fact, the UK, currently has the best safety record - great! However, when we look more closely, there is still much more to be done.

Driving Actuarial Innovation with Better Scores

We’ve identified four key areas of actuarial innovation which allow us to provide a great service to our clients and give them a competitive advantage in their market.

What Are Words Worth in UX?

If you’re trying to persuade or educate a customer to take action on something, the words you choose to use are very important and will have an impact on the engagement or action you’re able to drive.

FloowDrive: One Year On

It’s been an exciting and interesting 12 months since we launched FloowDrive allowing us to continue working towards delivering unparalleled capabilities with FloowDrive sitting right at the heart of this.

Embedding Innovation Into Our Culture

I’m often asked how we continually drive innovation to ensure we are delivering the best products and experiences, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about The Floow’s ‘Innovation Days’, which are just one way we make this happen.

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