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FloowDrive: One Year On

It’s been an exciting and interesting 12 months since we launched FloowDrive allowing us to continue working towards delivering unparalleled capabilities with FloowDrive sitting right at the heart of this.

Embedding Innovation Into Our Culture

I’m often asked how we continually drive innovation to ensure we are delivering the best products and experiences, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about The Floow’s ‘Innovation Days’, which are just one way we make this happen.

International Women's Day

It’s International Women’s Day, and here at The Floow, we believe that there is a certain power in the ability to see an idea from many different perspectives. This is true in all forms of our operation, whether it be development, testing, supporting, marketing or selling any product or solution that we make. The massive range of diversity that is offered here is one of the many reasons why we are successful on this front.

Happy Birthday from Employee Number 7

Today, as we celebrate The Floow’s 7th birthday we have a lot to be proud of as our days as a 7-person company in a small co-located office in Sheffield are far behind us.

How The Floow’s Team Promote a Charitable Culture Across the Company

At The Floow, we’re committed to giving back to our local community as well as supporting nationwide charities to help the people who need it most. From coffee mornings to marathons, The Floow’s team have never shied away from an opportunity to help others where they can.

A Day in the Life of a Client Development Director

As Client Development Director at The Floow, my role is to liaise with current and potential clients to not only deliver best-in-class service, but also to maintain sustained, strategic partnerships in order to create long-term success for our partners.

Sheffield Steel: The Evolving Brand of Our Home City

Recently I embarked on some research via social media to investigate how the city brand of Sheffield is perceived to find our what people say about Sheffield when we're not in the room.

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