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The Floow Hit Headlines As Telematics Experts Behind 'XLNTdriver'

The Floow Limited have been featured on bdaily.co.uk following the release of AIG's first telematics app, XLNTdriver! The Irish insurance corporation released the free smartphone app, created to "reward better driving behaviour" by monitoring a drivers performance, on March 6th. Taking into consideration smooth driving, mobile phone usage, speed and time, the analytics team at The Floow use the data to "deliver a score against the driver's behaviour."

Celebrating A World First With AIG Ireland

Following the official launch of AIG Ireland's XLNTdriver telematics app, The Floow's management team were invited to have dinner this week with some of our partners from the Dublin-based, multinational insurance corporation.

Floow & AIG Work Featured on OnlyStrategic

OnlyStrategic, a source for banking and insurance intelligence, has recently published an article about The Floow and our work within the telematics industry! The piece opens with the news that we will be celebrating our second year anniversary this month "following news that the company has launched a new product with AIG in Ireland."

Bdaily Recognises Our Work With AIG Ireland

Business news platform Bdaily have published a very positive article about our recent work with AIG Ireland! Following the release of AIG's Floow-built XLNTdriver app, Bdaily write that "Sheffield based road technology company, The Floow has partnered with AIG in Ireland on a telematics project."

New DrivePlus Van Mentioned on Business Vans!

Business Vans, the destination website for van users, has recognised Direct Line's recent release of DrivePlus Van! The app, developed by The Floow Limited, monitors driving behaviour and provides a discount towards insurance premiums. The article, titled "Save on insurance with DrivePlus Van free phone app," begins by stating that "van drivers could save money in future," before going on to describe how the app "logs driving behaviour" and gives the driver "a score of up to 100" after 300 miles have been recorded.

Fleet News Write About DrivePlus Van

Fleet News, a source of news and expertise for the car and van industry, have described DrivePlus Van as a new telematics app that "cuts insurance costs for 15% for van drivers." They say that the new free app enabled van drivers to "monitor driving behaviours" and "save money on their insurance", with the opportunity being open to both "prospective and existing Direct Line customers." A promotion code "to redeem the discount" is awarded after 300 miles have been logged and the user has been provided with a driving score out of 100.

Van Fleet World Mention DrivePlus Van!

Van Fleet World, part of the Fleet World Group that publishes Fleet World magazine, have written an online article about the launch of Direct Line's new telematics app which has been developed by The Floow Limited. It's called DrivePlus Van, and Van Fleet World describe the aim of the app as being used to help "fleets improve efficiency" through the tracking of driving behaviour.

DrivePlus Van on Auto Express!

The new DrivePlus Van app has been mentioned on the Auto Express website! DrivePlus Van is an app developed by The Floow Limited for Direct Line, which was released on the 22nd January 2014. Auto Express talk about how insurance company Direct Line have "unveiled a new free-to-use smartphone app" which uses the "GPS function on a smartphone to record driving behaviour" and offer "discounts of up to 15 per cent on insurance for van drivers."

Telematics Insurance Increases More Than 60% in 18 Months

Research from BIBA, the British Insurance Brokers' Association, has shown that telematics based motor insurance sales have increased by 116,000 since June 2012 - a surge of 61% in just 18 months! Telematics technology works by recording a journey and analysing the drivers behaviour, for example rapid acceleration, severe braking and harsh cornering. Premiums can then be tailored and accurately calculated according that each individual driver, giving a more fair price.

UN Decade of Action for Road Safety

The Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020.Almost 1.3 million people are killed every year on the world's road whilst up to 50 million people are injured, and many remain disabled for life. Road traffic injuries are the number one cause of death for young people worldwide and the economic cost to developing countries is at least $100 billion a year. These statistics are shocking, but they are harsh facts and if we do nothing these numbers will continue to rise.

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