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Average Third Party, Fire & Theft Cover Down 7.5% in 12 Months

The average cost of comprehensive car insurance in the 4th quarter of 2013 was £644, the latest Confused.com Car Insurance Price Index (in association with Towers Watson) has found. That it a price drop of 12.5% year-on-year. According to researchers, the all-time high for car insurance was Q2 of 2011 and since then, the total fall now stands at £214 per policy. For third party, fire and theft cover only, average premiums for Q4 2013 came in at £1053, showing a year-on-year decrease of 7.5%.

What Car? Reveal New Insurance Policy

Britain’s “biggest and best” car buying guide, What Car?, has revealed news regarding Direct Line’s new insurance policy. The newest launch is being described as a “‘pay how you drive’ telematics-based” insurance policy with the app being provided by us here at The Floow.

The Floow Shown On Innovation Birmingham Campus Website

Supported by the Government’s Regional Growth Fund, Creative England launch a new Business Investment Fund of £1 million as it continues its programme of investment for creative and digital businesses in the English regions. Creative England are involved with companies (such as The Floow) looking to develop new software, applications and content across several expanding markets in order to boost the creative sector.

Sheffield City Region Write About Creative England

The Floow is one of the first companies in the creative and digital business sector to receive business investment funding from Creative England. This funding is set to help Small and Medium Enterprises in a variety of sectors all across the UK and is supported by the Government Regional Growth Fund.

Prolific North Comment On Creative England And The Floow

Here in Sheffield, we are amongst the first companies to receive funding targeted at creative and digital businesses in England, with other companies covering areas such as Newcastle and Liverpool. The first fund has already helped develop pioneering projects as well as providing regions with a number of new jobs. The Business Investment Fund is available as interest free loans of between £60,000 and £100,000 with support being offered from the Government's Regional Growth Fund, which is the second such fund from Creative England.

Move To OXO House Featured On The Business Desk

We're relocating at the end of the month from our current headquarters at Aizelwood's Mill. OXO House has been renamed and transformed from what was once a storage and administration facility to a set of stunning new art deco offices. The owner of the building, Thorndale Ltd, was given permission by Premier Foods to have it renamed to "OXO House" after an extensive £1.5m refurbishment and redevelopment.

Lambert Smith Hampton Write About Our Move To OXO House

We're very excited about our move after securing the letting of the top floor of the renamed OXO House in Joiner Street, Sheffield. Relocating from Aizelwood’s Mill on Nursery Street, we are joining existing tenants Swanke Hayden Connell Architects who occupy the third floor and online brand communications specialist, Side by Side creative, who has space on the ground floor.

DLG Cutting Costs And Lifting Profits

Direct Line plan to reduce costs and lift profits in an attempt to "regain competitive edge" and deliver a good standard of service and value to their customers. In August last year, the insurance company announced plans to reduce gross annual costs by ₤100 million a year but now say they intend to double this target. Paul Geddes, chief executive officer, said in the business update: "While we continue to invest in the business with the aim of winning in a market which is changing fast, it's clear that we need to become more efficient to deliver the good service and value our customers expect."

Direct Line Launch App Developed By The Floow

News of Direct Line's app has reached New Car Net. Direct Line has recently launched their new telematics program designed to provide drivers with with a discount on their insurance premium based on their individual driving behaviour and how well they drive.

Direct Line Enter The World Of Telematics

The article explains how customers of Direct Line, Churchill and Privilege who agree to have a telematics box installed in their cars will be offered a 20% premium discount, while Direct Line customers who use the mobile phone app will receive a 10% discount on their insurance. The Floow provides the app for both iPhone and Android devices which monitors your driving and, depending on how well you drive, can help to lower premiums particularly if you’re a young driver aged 17-25.

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