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Exploring Telematics Part 2: What Exactly Is It?

So what is Telematics? There are many variants but in all of them you have a device in your vehicle which records information about how, where and when you drive via a GPS receiver and in some cases an accelerometer as well...

Exploring Telematics Part 1: The History

One of the buzzwords that has been floating around motor insurance for a while now is Telematics, but is now the time for it to come of age? The story goes back to the mid-90's when a few insurers...

The Floow's New Brochure Designs

A few weeks ago our Design Lead, David Trindade, designed some great new brochures for our team to take to the Insurance Telematics Europe 2014 conference in London organised by Telematics Update.

Global Road Safety Infographic

At The Floow, we have a vision for safer and cheaper mobility for all and help to educate motorists on the issues of road safety. Our design team created this Global Road Safety infographic using facts sourced from the World Health Organisation, the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system.

The Business Desk: Floow is Accelerating Yorkshire Growth

The Business Desk, a news website dedicated to regional business information, have featured The Floow in a new article published this week. Describing The Floow as a "pioneering technology" company, the piece comments on how we have achieved "a series of major contracts with global insurance giants" as we continue to grow in the industry.

The Floow Hit Headlines As Telematics Experts Behind 'XLNTdriver'

The Floow Limited have been featured on bdaily.co.uk following the release of AIG's first telematics app, XLNTdriver! The Irish insurance corporation released the free smartphone app, created to "reward better driving behaviour" by monitoring a drivers performance, on March 6th. Taking into consideration smooth driving, mobile phone usage, speed and time, the analytics team at The Floow use the data to "deliver a score against the driver's behaviour."

Celebrating A World First With AIG Ireland

Following the official launch of AIG Ireland's XLNTdriver telematics app, The Floow's management team were invited to have dinner this week with some of our partners from the Dublin-based, multinational insurance corporation.

Floow & AIG Work Featured on OnlyStrategic

OnlyStrategic, a source for banking and insurance intelligence, has recently published an article about The Floow and our work within the telematics industry! The piece opens with the news that we will be celebrating our second year anniversary this month "following news that the company has launched a new product with AIG in Ireland."

Bdaily Recognises Our Work With AIG Ireland

Business news platform Bdaily have published a very positive article about our recent work with AIG Ireland! Following the release of AIG's Floow-built XLNTdriver app, Bdaily write that "Sheffield based road technology company, The Floow has partnered with AIG in Ireland on a telematics project."

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