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A Day in the Life of a Client Development Director

As Client Development Director at The Floow, my role is to liaise with current and potential clients to not only deliver best-in-class service, but also to maintain sustained, strategic partnerships in order to create long-term success for our partners.

Sheffield Steel: The Evolving Brand of Our Home City

Recently I embarked on some research via social media to investigate how the city brand of Sheffield is perceived to find our what people say about Sheffield when we're not in the room.

The Future of Risk: A Customer-Centric View

This new era of connectivity and personalization of relationships hands insurers opportunities like they’ve never had before to engage with policyholders.

Understanding the Future of Risk

The business model and prediction of risk as we know it is changing. This is being driven by a number of forces including digitisation, big data, the development of new vehicle technology, the rise of the connected consumer, changing vehicle ownership patterns, and major shifts in mobility habits.

The Floow at Insurance Innovators 2018

At The Floow, we help insurers to enhance their risk prediction with FloowScore, our world-class telematics scoring capability, harnessing the power of sensors, software and data and building on expertise acquired through several billion miles of journey data.

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