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FloowDrive Just Got Even Better!

In March, our complete quick-to-deploy telematics platform, FloowDrive, was released to the market and now I'm proud to introduce a number of exciting updates to the platform.

Introducing... FloowDrive Rewards

This week, the next release of FloowDrive goes live which includes a rewards programme available as an optional add-on module that can be seamlessly integrated into an insurer’s FloowDrive-based proposition.

How rewards can positively impact on driver behaviour

The rewards programme was developed based on our in-house research which shows that when you combine telematics solutions with driver improvement programmes, the result is a sustained improvement in driver behaviour.

Partnering with clients to deliver success with their existing apps

When we create a new telematics solution for a client, we are responsible from inception to deployment as well as providing ongoing maintenance and support. However, not all of our clients want a complete solution from us and this is where FloowKit comes in.

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