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Trust: At the Core of our Ethos at The Floow

In a time of digital disruption, we know organisations are looking for partners they can trust and at The Floow, we see trust as a vital part of building successful long-term partnerships with our clients.

Celebrating a successful eight months in the US

In September 2017, The Floow opened our first office outside the UK in Detroit, Michigan and I’m proud to say I was asked to head up the North American operation. Eight months on, I look back at some of our achievements over that time.

The Floow: Contributing to a Vibrant Sheffield

The Floow took part in Vibrant Sheffield, a celebration of all the things that are exciting, varied and innovative about our city, and it was a very important reminder why Sheffield is where we have chosen to base our headquarters.

FloowDrive - Learning from our clients to develop our new platform

Having worked in Client Development since joining The Floow almost 4 years ago, I have gained considerable insight into what our clients in the insurance market want to see from a motor telematics proposition and what the key issues are when they are looking at investing in telematics for the future of their business.

Marketing Telematics ‘The Floow Way’

As a brand producing solutions that are enabled by technology, it might make sense for The Floow to tie its colours to the mast of a ‘digital first’ strategy, but is that the right way to go for maximum impact?

A lookback at the European launch of FloowDrive

The Insurance Innovators event was a brilliant opportunity to not only see FloowDrive in action but to also see the reaction of the market to our new product.

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