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Working to co-create IP with our clients

As a provider of telematics solutions, we need to ensure that we can deliver on our client’s needs and one thing we hear regularly is that creating, developing and owning differentiated intellectual property is critical.

Data Science: Making motor insurance fairer for everyone

For years, insurance companies have had to price premiums on the basis of aggregating general statistical data: your post code, your profession, where you park your car, your age, the engine power of your vehicle etc. For many drivers that will seem unfair, but that’s how things have been for decades.

The Floow at TU Consumer Telematics Show, Las Vegas

In the first week of the year, my colleague, John Kramer and I attended the TU Consumer Telematics Show in Las Vegas. This industry event brought together a large number of OEM’s and insurance companies to discuss subjects including the increased use of sensors and data in the automotive industry.

2017 in Review - and a look ahead to 2018

365 days is a long time in technology and I’d say we’ve come a long way in 2017. This has been a momentous year for us at The Floow, and I can look back on our progress with pride and no shortage of excitement for the future.

Investing in Innovation: The Floow’s 1st Innovation Week

Innovation... it’s the beating heart of any tech-focused company, and it’s something we value very highly here at The Floow. It’s one of our four company values and that means we focus on cultivating and fostering innovation every single day.

Driver behaviour: how to coach for safer driving

Recently, I had the opportunity to be a part of The Floow’s first webinar on the subject of Making Positive Changes to Driver Behaviour with Telematics to speak about the many insights that social science offers on the behaviour of drivers.

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