AIG XLNTdriver App Released

The Floow - March 17th, 2014


AIG Ireland have officially released their first telematics app, XLNTdriver, which was built and developed by The Floow.

Available for both iPhone and Android devices, the free and easy to use smartphone app provides you with a “visual representation” of all your recorded journeys. It then generates a score for you based on your unique driving habits, and helps you to improve your driving as well as gaining up to 25% off your car insurance. To break this down, a score between 0-70 gives you a total discount of 5%, between 71-85 gives you 15% and anything from 86-100 allows you to receive the full 25% off your premium.

In addition to these incredible discounts, all AIG XLNTdriver Car Insurance customers are guaranteed to receive a 5% discount on their new policy! There are also opportunities to receive additional rewards such as 20% cashback if your overall score is 71 or higher after 3 months and special offers through the continued use of the app.

Features of the app include unique auto start and stop technology, intelligent mapping, breakdown assistance and smart technology for when you’re on the move. With road safety in mind, The Floow developed the telematics technology to allow you to clearly see how you can improve your driving by pointing out parts of your journey where events such as harsh braking, excessive speed and answering phone calls may have occurred.

To find out more about the XLNTdriver app, you can visit AIG’s official website here. You can also get in touch or check us out on Twitter to get the latest news regarding The Floow and our work by following @TheFloowLtd

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