Building Meaningful Relationships With Our Partners

Charlotte Pearson - November 05th, 2018

One thing we’re really proud of at The Floow is our relationships with our partners. For us, helping them become more successful is at the center of everything we do. It’s this approach to business that has seen us become the trusted telematics solutions partner of some of the largest insurance companies across the US and beyond.

To do this, we work around the notion of quality; quality of our products, quality of our services and quality of our relationships. So what do I mean by this?

First, we take the time to understand our partners and listen to their needs. Our product roadmap is driven by what our partners tell us they need as well as our own market knowledge and research, which allows us to continually innovate and develop solutions to industry problems. For example, we developed FloowDrive to help insurers go to market with a smartphone product that is cost effective and easy to implement.

Second, we are transparent about how we do things so our partners are not on the receiving end of unwanted surprises. We believe partnership relationships should not be purely transactional, rather, we work together to deliver something that has tangible benefits for our partners. This is why we offer a unique approach whereby we allow them to create their own Intellectual Property by building on our scores using their own claims data. This gives them the ability to create unique scores that are highly predictive across their book, enabling them to differentiate and innovate within their markets while creating a long-term strategic asset.

Finally, we know the end customer is looking for fair prices so we develop programs that allow pricing to be representative of that customer and their actual driving habits. This allows our partners to develop loyalty with their customers. In addition, we offer easy to deploy modules that can take this further using rewards for good driving, enhanced communication and simplified onboarding, and even coaching to help drivers improve their score and continue to engage with their insurance policy.

We believe that by delivering on these promises we can help our partners reduce risk, meaningfully engage their policyholders and ultimately improve profitability.

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