An Employee Perspective on The Floow’s Approach to Work-Life Balance

Charlotte Pearson - November 09th, 2017

Man on ladder sanding a ceiling

As a new starter at The Floow, there are already many new and interesting things I have discovered about this innovative business based at the heart of Sheffield’s tech hub. Firstly, everyone here is extremely passionate about the work they do and they are committed to doing the best they can to ensure the company succeeds.

Secondly, the attitude here is like nothing I’ve ever encountered throughout my professional career to date. Everyone is excited about the contribution they are making and there is a clear culture of collaboration so that whatever team you’re in and whatever your job title, we will always work together.

Finally, the company encourages everyone to strike a work/life balance by offering flexible working and rewards for your hard work and commitment with a generous benefits package and company-wide day’s off, known as Floow days, as an extra on top of our annual holiday allowance.

The first of these Floow days was on Friday 3rd November and it gave the team at The Floow a long weekend to keep their work/life balance in check. Perfectly timed between the August bank holiday and Christmas, myself and fellow employees had an extra day to spend as we pleased.

I decided to fill mine with DIY but many will have used their day to catch up on some sleep, start their Christmas shopping or spend time with their kids on the last day of half term.

As an organisation which calls for high levels of commitment from all their employees, The Floow uses these days as a thank you to ensure the balance between work and our personal lives is maintained. Staff at all levels work extremely hard every day to guarantee that we deliver for our clients as well as continuing to innovate and deliver on our company aims.

Therefore the opportunity to be able to rest and recharge or simply spend time focusing on the other aspects of our lives – such as our families, relationships or ourselves – is not only brilliant but necessary to creating a healthy and happy working environment.

For myself, I enjoyed my day off returning to work on Monday morning refreshed and ready to continue making an impact in the world of telematics. It also made me very grateful to be working for an employer that truly understands the importance of a good work/life balance, putting happy staff high up the list of company priorities.

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