Creating Compelling Customer Propositions with FloowKit

Zoe Sullivan - June 04th, 2019

The ability to create a totally unique and compelling customer proposition is vitally important in a world where customers demand the best possible experience from all organisations that they interact with, including their insurance provider.

Our mobile SDK, FloowKit, provides the flexibility some of our clients require to create compelling customer propositions whilst harnessing the power of telematics data. In our most recent webinar, I explored FloowKit, its capabilities and current uses in the market alongside some of my colleagues here at The Floow and Sören Heese, Product Manager at German insurance provider, HDI.

About FloowKit

FloowKit empowers our clients to build a telematics solution around their unique and specific requirements. The solution is mainly aimed at clients who wish to manage and maintain their own, multi-purpose apps with a broader scope than pure telematics as well as retaining control over the design and user experience of the app.

In the webinar, our Senior Solutions Architect, Dr Ben Carpenter, provided an overview of how FloowKit works highlighting key areas of the solution including the ease of integration, the documentation and support package included in a client’s on-boarding with FloowKit and the core telematics services it provides to our clients including data capture (auto start/stop), transmission to The Floow’s platform for scoring and retrieval of trips, map points, scores and feedback bands.

HDI and The Floow

This was followed by a chat with Product Manager at HDI, Sören Heese, who was involved in the development and launch of their Diamond Drive app. Diamond Drive is a smartphone app which uses FloowKit’s capabilities to collect journey data which is analysed and scored against five key criteria – driving style, speed, time of day, travel time (fatigue) and attention (mobile use).

The flexibility of our FloowKit solution has provided HDI with the opportunity to create an app which engages drivers across the German market, current customers or not, with telematics and the benefits their brand offers over competitors.

The app is free to download, open to everyone in Germany and depending on the driver’s overall score (visualised through the diamond shape on the main screen), they could receive a discount of up to 30% on their insurance policy.

Client Use Cases

Following on from my chat with HDI, our Chief Operating Officer, David James, took us through some of the other use cases we’ve seen for FloowKit over the past couple of years. These include:

In Summary

Our FloowKit solution is highly flexible and offers many benefits for companies who want to create their own compelling user experiences around The Floow’s telematics technology whilst retaining the freedom and flexibility to build their own app or for those providers who already have an existing customer facing app but would like to add telematics-based journey capture, monitoring and scoring into this.

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