Continuing to Deliver Technical Excellence for Our Clients in Unprecedented Circumstances

Andrei Berechet - April 09th, 2020

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Following on from Aldo’s blog a couple of weeks ago about The Floow’s response to the unprecedented times which we are currently dealing with, it’s worth also acknowledging the hard work which was showcased by all of The Floow’s team at the end of last month as they continued to deliver on our commitments and plans for the first quarter of 2020.

At the end of March, despite our 130 colleagues working from different locations across the UK, the US and mainland Europe, we managed to successfully deliver one of our largest releases to date on time and with no hiccups. We’re all extremely proud of the team’s commitment to continue delivering technical excellence and updates to our key products, all of which will positively impact the future of our business as well as our clients, despite the current global situation.

This latest release contains a number of important updates to our FloowDrive platform, including:

Passwordless registration for new FloowDrive customers

This removes the user’s need for a password and as long as there is a valid mobile number associated with the app user, we use SMS links to log them into their FloowDrive app.

3 phones showing the new onboarding journey for FloowDrive

Updates to the app onboarding journey to account for iOS 13 location permission changes

Due to the changes to location permissions on iOS 13, we have improved the user journey for drivers when they are onboarding on a FloowDrive app. We have made it clearer for the app user to ensure that they have set up the correct location permission settings so FloowDrive can record their journeys.

Better ways to manage the driver/policy information within our platform

We have built new web services which allow insurers to manage their policies and drivers within The Floow’s platform. We are currently allowing our clients to update and deactivate their policies and drivers, and in upcoming releases we will extend the web services with more operations. For example, to deactivate a policy, a client can simply cancel the policy on their platform which triggers a call to our API to initiate policy deactivation on our platform as well, making it easier for our insurance clients to manage their account with us.

Many teams across the business worked extremely hard for a number of months in order to deliver on the requirements which we set ourselves for this deployment. I, alongside the rest of the leadership team at The Floow, thank them for their hard work and dedication to deliver this as well as the calm collaboration which they showed to ensure that this deployment was delivered on time despite the unprecedented circumstances which we find ourselves working in today.

At The Floow we will continue to deliver technical excellence and innovative Connected Insurance solutions to our clients and the insurance market as we navigate the changes which are bound to affect mobility as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you’d like to find out more about our FloowDrive product, please get in touch with us at

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