The Continuous Development of FloowDrive

Paul Ridgway - November 13th, 2018

Back in March, we released our complete telematics platform, FloowDrive, to the international market, allowing us to build a deployable proposition alongside a fully customised smartphone app in a matter of minutes. We saw the launch of FloowDrive as a significant moment for The Floow and the disruptor the market needed to remove the time, cost and complexity barriers from telematics deployments.

Seven months on and many in the insurance market agree that FloowDrive is providing the opportunity to access telematics and the benefits it can bring to insurers and their customers more easily and cost-effectively – we have a number of propositions in development with insurers in Europe and the USA.

However, FloowDrive is a solution that constantly evolves as we work to ensure that it meets the requirements of our clients and their customers. In a rapidly developing market, customer needs are ever-changing, therefore we believe it is important to ensure a continuous development cycle for FloowDrive with regular updates scheduled once a quarter.

Back in June, we released the first update to the FloowDrive platform since launch, these updates included more custom design choices, updates to our scoring algorithm and an integrated rewards programme which could be included as an additional extra on top of a telematics insurance proposition which had been developed in FloowDrive.

At the end of September, we released FloowDrive v3 which includes a number of new updates such as universal support for “tag locking” allowing insurers to have more control over the tagging options that they offer to their customers and the introduction of onboarding communications to compliment the launch of their new telematics propositions. These have been included to help streamline the registration process for both policyholders and insurers as well as promoting engagement with telematics via the smartphone app.

For us, these constant developments of what FloowDrive can offer allows us to fulfil market requirements whilst allowing us to focus further on engaging innovative concepts and ideas.

From a technical perspective, the opportunity to focus on research and development projects as well as finding ways to make improvements to the way we work as a company has not only made us more productive (benefitting our team and our clients equally), but it also ensures that we stay at the cutting-edge of telematics offering products and solutions which are truly innovative and beneficial.

We’ve relished the opportunity to focus on customer engagement and user experience in our latest release as we know these are extremely important issues within insurance businesses. For telematics to have a positive effect on society, we need to ensure that the solutions we create will be used by drivers and this is why we are focusing on building a rewarding and informative experience for end users which can help to breed loyalty and build good relationships between insurer and policyholder.

After those updates were released in September, the team were back to work on the next set of product and feature enhancements, driven as ever by the features that our clients and their customers are looking for from their telematics solutions.

To find out more about FloowDrive, email us at or request a demo from a member of our team.

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