How A Career in STEM Can Make Positive Changes to The Future of Mobility

Daniel Bird - December 08th, 2017

Man leaning against podium whilst presenting on screen which showcases a map

Recently I gave a talk to a group of 17-18 year olds, attempting to inspire them about the sorts of careers in telematics, insurance and autonomous driving that will be available to them if they choose a STEM related degree.

A great question came up from one of the audience about why I chose my career.

The funny (and somewhat true) story that I tell is that 5/6 years ago when my then team was looking for someone to lead in the new technology of telematics, I was put forward as I was the only one who could use an iPad and the projector we had in the boardroom.

It was a lucky coincidence of being in the right place at the right time, combined with the advantages of being part of a generation that grew up alongside the digital revolution, setting me on a path that has led to me sitting here at The Floow.

The truth is that I’m hugely grateful and passionate about being part of the telematics industry, because of two main reasons:

  1. I am a huge believer in using science and technology to better our lives, either directly through products (you only have to see my father-in-law with his Amazon Dot to see the difference it makes in finding and listening to his passions of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Simon and Garfunkel) or by enabling service providers such as insurers to make better decisions and give better service.
  2. Driver safety is a subject very close to my heart. Like many people with a ‘late’ birthday, I saw many of my friends pass their driving test before I’d taken my first tentative steps into mirror, signal, manoeuvre. Unfortunately, like nearly all young drivers, I also lost friends in road traffic accidents before we’d become adults. In my case, 2 friends I’d grown up playing football with were gone before I’d turned 18. Events that, actively or subconsciously, both changed my outlook on life and gave me the impetus to make changes.

At The Floow we combine the sciences that I’m passionate about to create propositions that take the very best in technology, the understanding of physics and maths to provide insight on an individual’s behaviour and the knowledge of driver psychology to act upon that insight to help drivers change that behaviour. Through a combination of sciences, people and skills, we are saving lives.

Telematics and autonomous vehicles, whether they excite or terrify you, have the potential to add value to human life by improving safety. I’m hugely honoured to be part of an industry that aims to save lives and am very lucky that my ability to use a projector gave me this opportunity.

It leaves me with the question that I posed back to those students. What are you passionate about and how can you use that passion to positively impact the world whilst enjoying every minute? And if it sounds like telematics could be the thing, drop by our careers page here: The Floow Careers

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