A Day In The Life of A Client Development Director

Elisabetta Pizzini - February 12th, 2019

As Client Development Director at The Floow, my role is to liaise with current and potential clients to not only deliver best-in-class service, but also to maintain sustained, strategic partnerships in order to create long-term success for our partners.

My day to day activities vary widely including; onboarding new clients, liaising with internal teams to ensure the delivery of projects, keeping clients up to date on progress, writing reports, identifying new prospects and developing proposals.

In order to be successful in my role, I listen carefully to the challenges our clients are facing and problems they are trying to solve, as well as what they are aiming to achieve. Through my years of experience in the insurance industry and support from our highly experienced teams back at HQ, I am able to craft solutions that will meet those objectives.

But for me, this is just the start. First and foremost is ensuring our client’s long-term success. It’s important to me to build trust with my clients and so I take full responsibility for delivering and keeping clients up to date with developments and progress. I also provide quick responses to queries, suggesting often new and innovative solutions to issues or problems and ensure they are fully supported throughout the project.

A typical day therefore, always starts with checking my emails and messages so that I’m up to date with any developments, both client side or internally, and can straight away jump on any required actions and follow-ups.

Once completed, I’ll then check on the progress of outstanding projects and update my clients accordingly, offering advice or solutions to any problems and ensuring everything is running smoothly.

I often meet up with my clients over lunch to discuss new developments we have to offer, or their latest challenges and objectives we may be able to help them with. This is also a great opportunity to get to know each other really well and create a strong link between the two companies to create mutual benefit. My aim is always for clients to see me as an extended part of their team and an additional resource for them to help achieve their goals.

In the afternoon, I may be pitching our products and services to new or existing clients, which is always something I enjoy. To do this successfully requires a true understanding of the client’s strategy and objectives and developing a proposal that adds value to their requirements, looking well beyond the initial sale to ensure continuing success.

Client meetings and phone calls are a daily occurence to keep in touch and ensure everyone is up to date with progress and to keep things running smoothly. I’ll often use my extensive experience to suggest new go to market strategies and share best practice that we may have seen in other geographies we work in to help keep my clients ahead of the latest developments in the industry. Documenting these conversations is a key part of my role so that we all have a written account of what was discussed and key actions that will occur as a result. This is important, not only as a reminder to both parties, but to help share information with wider contacts about the status of a project and allow for feedback to help us make improvements in the future.

Finally, I will end my day as it started, checking I have responded to all my emails and messages and that all urgent actions are undertaken immediately.

What I love best about my job is that no two days are the same. I enjoy getting to know my clients and becoming part of their team and being able to use my knowledge, experience and expertise to contribute towards their longstanding goals. Working for The Floow means I have a great team behind me to deliver on my promises, and their commitment to delivering first class work, means that we are in a great position to help our clients achieve long term, sustained success.

If you would like to find out more about what our team can deliver for your business, get in touch at info@thefloow.com.

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