Delivering Continuous Updates to Our FloowDrive Platform Whilst Working Remotely

Andrei Berechet - July 13th, 2020

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Three months ago, we launched our biggest product release to date just as the UK, the US and many other countries entered lockdown. We were extremely proud to deliver that release successfully with our entire team working remotely across time zones, while trying to make sense of a new lifestyle

At the end of June, we followed up with another big product release which was seamlessly built, tested and deployed remotely. This new release sees the launch of a number of important updates to our FloowDrive platform, including:

Configurable onboarding journey on FloowDrive apps

This update allows our insurance partners to customise the imagery on the app’s onboarding screens and utilise their own branded assets. It is also possible to add up to 4 screens to create a comprehensive onboarding journey for app users, explaining the proposition and onboarding steps in detail.

Improvements to permissions settings for app users

We’ve made it easier for users to set up permissions in the FloowDrive app by showing the status of these settings in the app and by making the steps required to change them very easy to follow so users can see clearly whether they have set them up correctly or not.

We have also added configurable daily alert notifications for users who have not set up their permissions correctly, providing them with specific guidance to help fix this. This will make the initial set up of the app easier and improve journey capture as any issues regarding permissions requirements will be consistently flagged to the user.

Enhanced policy management via the Insurer Portal

Our Insurer Portal now supports the deactivation of drivers and policies making it easier for our clients to do this manually, on an ad-hoc basis. In the case of a driver deactivation, the driver’s access to the FloowDrive app is removed.

Introduction of FloowDrive API Web Service

To better support our clients who want to manage their policies programmatically, we’ve also introduced a new web service that makes it easier for insurers to update the vehicles associated with a policy and reactivate drivers programmatically, via API requests to our platform. Reactivated drivers are restored with the same information and scores as at point of deactivation so they can see historical records about their driving and continue to make positive improvements to their driving behaviour by utilising feedback from past journeys.

Introduction of Policy-level Score View for FloowDrive users

The Policy Score, aggregated across all drivers on a policy, as well as the scores of individual drivers on the policy, can now be viewed by policyholders, and other authorised users, within the FloowDrive app. Insurers are now able to set any driver on a policy as a ‘Policy Score Viewer’ which will provide them with access to this information. This can be useful for multi-driver policies (ie. Fleet) or for families where children are on their parents’ policies, and this is something we will continue to develop further in upcoming releases. 

I’d like to thank my Floow colleagues who were involved in this release for their hard work and dedication during these hard times and the collaboration, innovation and commitment which they have shown to ensure that these updates were successfully built and deployed.

Whichever new way of working will prevail in the future, The Floow will continue to develop solutions that deliver safer mobility, positively transform the motor insurance experience for policyholders and help our clients to navigate the changes they are facing in their market.

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