Driver Behaviour: How To Coach For Safer Driving

Dr Lisa Dorn - December 15th, 2017

Recently, I had the opportunity to be a part of The Floow’s first webinar on the subject of Making Positive Changes to Driver Behaviour with Telematics to speak about the many insights that social science offers on the behaviour of drivers.

The webinar focused on how we incorporate years of research into the telematics products we offer. The evidence shows that telematics helps organizations to improve safety as it has the capability to monitor driver behaviour and provide feedback on risk taking behaviours. Importantly, by incorporating the social sciences into our approach we can understand the psychology of drivers and their safety motives.

The World Health Organisation reports that 1.24 million people die on the roads every year and the numbers are predicted to triple by 2020. 90% of accidents are contributed to by human factors with braking too late and travelling too fast for the road conditions responsible for 23% of all fatal accidents.

These figures show just how important it is to work with drivers in an attempt to improve their behaviour when they are behind the wheel which in turn will help to reduce the number of crashes on the roads.

This is where FloowCoach comes in.

FloowCoach is a telephone-based driver coaching product which is in use by a number of insurance companies today. FloowCoach shines a light on unsafe behaviours and explores options on how a driver can improve their safety. The programme takes place over 12 weeks through a series of telephone conversations with our highly-trained coaches.

This is how it works:

After journey data has been collected and scored on a number of factors including speed and smooth driving, the worst scoring drivers are identified as potential candidates for FloowCoach. Our coaches then recruit drivers to the program and over a series of calls apply a number of behaviour change techniques to help drivers address and change at-risk behaviours using constructive feedback, education and coaching.

Our coaches focus on encouraging drivers to self-reflect on their strengths and weaknesses and drivers learn how to put into action specific strategies supported by our coaches. We work with drivers to help them understand their driving motives, provide advice on how they can improve their driving style and develop action plans and targets that drivers can work towards with the opportunity to earn rewards and incentives along the way. Our personalised feedback increases a driver’s awareness of their safety motives using the main components of their driving data.

The latest research we have shows that this approach is working because for every 100 drivers that have completed the FloowCoach program, 16 accidents have been avoided as a result compared with a control group. That means each coach we have is preventing one road traffic accident every single week, which is just another way that The Floow is helping to make mobility safer and smarter for everyone.

If you would like to find out more about FloowCoach or would like to watch the webinar, please get in touch with us at

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