HDI Release New App To Help Drivers Drive More Safely

Zoe Sullivan - October 11th, 2018

This week, I’ve been lucky enough to see another one of my clients, HDI, launch an exciting new offer to their market in Germany that encourages and helps drivers to drive more safely.

Diamond Drive offers people the opportunity to receive up to 30% money back on their premium as a reward for driving safely.

The app based telematics proposition is powered by FloowKit, The Floow’s SDK system which can be placed into a third party app. This allowed HDI to develop their own app around their offer, whilst still benefiting from the powerful analytics engine developed by The Floow to monitor and produce the driving scores required.

Diamond Drive offers an initial 5% off the premium for drivers under 30, who then can download the free app to monitor their driving throughout the life of their policy. The app provides a score for each journey based on; driving style, speed, daytime, attention, travel time. The score for each element then builds the size, colour and shape of a diamond.

Drivers can view each of their journeys to understand their scores and receive feedback on how to improve. The challenge is to achieve gold status – an overall score of over 70 to 100 across the full year – which is then rewarded with a cashback up to 30% on their paid premium.

Our collaboration with HDI has been an excellent example of the flexibility that FloowKit can offer our clients. By relying on our world-class scoring algorithm to provide the accuracy of data required, HDI were able to focus on developing their customer-facing offer and concentrate on getting their new proposition to market.

Diamond Drive is available via different offer systems for different distribution channels, for example the Check 24 comparison website.

Many thanks to the team at HDI for a fantastic partnership. We’re excited to see the traction that Diamond Drive achieves in the market. To find out more about Diamond Drive, visit HDI Diamond Drive.

If you’d like to find out more about how FloowKit can assist you in the development of a mobile-based telematics solution, please email us at info@thefloow.com

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