The Floow Powers New Telematics App ‘Smart Drive’ for Via Verde Customers in Portugal in Innovative Insurance Partnership with Fidelidade

The Floow - May 07th, 2019

series of screenshots from Brisa's app

Customers of Via Verde, the toll road network provider run by Portugal’s largest private road operator, Brisa, now have access to an innovative telematics motor proposition due to a partnership with leading insurer, Fidelidade powered by the telematics provider, The Floow.

Via Verde customers will now be able to monitor and score their car journeys using the brand’s smartphone app, in a capability enabled by The Floow.

By placing The Floow’s software into the Smart Drive app, drivers will be given a score for every journey they complete, and after predefined mileage is completed, they may be offered a competitive price for their motor insurance policy, under-written by Fidelidade, that is reflective of their personal driving behaviour.

“With this innovative new proposition, we are harnessing the smartphone’s mobility sensors and providing access to fairly and competitively priced motor insurance. We’re delighted to bring this proposition to market,” said Filipe Coelho, Connected Cars Manager from Brisa.

“From our telematics experience developed over the past 5 years, we know that the safest drivers make the fewest claims. It’s only right that they should be able to access the most competitive insurance premiums, so Fidelidade is happy to provide this solution to Via Verde customers in Portugal by working with The Floow,” commented Marcelo Sousa, Connected Cars Manager from Fidelidade.

The Floow’s telematics SDK – FloowKit – powers the journey monitoring capability within the Smart Drive app. It tracks and scores journeys across five component areas:

  • Smooth driving: A measure of the driver’s anticipation including acceleration, braking and cornering
  • Distraction: A measure of mobile phone use that can take the driver’s eyes and mind off the road
  • Speed: A measure of the speed the car is going – generally compared to other drivers on the same road
  • Time of day: A measure which considers the time of day or night of the journey. Driving during the night is around 10 times riskier than driving during the daytime
  • Fatigue: A measure of the length of a journey. After a continuous journey of 2 hours, driver fatigue can set in

These scores are then presented within the Via Verde app for every journey completed, giving the driver the opportunity to consider their driving and attempt to make improvements to behaviours that might be potentially dangerous. The best scoring and most improved drivers will also have access to toll discounts redeemable within the app.

“This is an excellent opportunity to provide driver insights gathered from telematics to Via Verde customers, and give them access to fairly priced insurance cover via our partner, Fidelidade alongside as a range of other rewards,” commented David James, Chief Operating Officer of The Floow. “Our experience suggests that a combination of insurance discounts, plus continuous lower-value rewards has a long term positive impact on the behaviour of most drivers.”

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