FloowDrive Just Got Even Better!

Mike Rose - June 29th, 2018

Just over three months ago, our complete quick-to-deploy telematics platform, FloowDrive, was released to the market. Since then we have received plenty of positive feedback from the industry, commenced trials with a number of insurance providers and launched the very first telematics insurance proposition built on FloowDrive.

It’s great to see how well FloowDrive has been received throughout the industry but the hard work didn’t end when the platform was launched. In fact, the team behind FloowDrive is working on a continuous development cycle, adding new features and functionality into the platform all the time. So now it’s time to introduce a number of exciting updates which have become available this month.

In this release, our focus has been on introducing some key features which are designed to make the user and client experience even better, ensuring that we can fulfil the evolving and varied requirements of insurers and their customers.

FloowDrive was built to enable design customisation and with our latest updates, we’ve made it even easier to create the app our clients want without having to opt for a bespoke telematics solution.

The app design and build process now allows clients to add custom web content (both local or hosted), such as the inclusion of specific emergency contact details, and loading images to better reflect your brand style, as well as making make real-time edits to the FAQ section without having to re-publish the app.

Journey tagging has also had an overhaul as we’ve improved the tram and train journey detection, making it easier for app users to update a journey tag. We’ve also introduced journey type locking which will be an important feature for those clients who opt to add our new reward module to their FloowDrive proposition.

Our scoring algorithm for FloowDrive has been updated particularly improving the sensitivity of the distraction score which is becoming a very powerful predictor of risk.

With user analytics so critical for our clients we’ve brought a third party analytics aggregator onboard, which works with a number of providers including Google Analytics, Flurry and Mixpanel, to join up your analytics data in a way that’s highly efficient.

The insurer portal has also been updated with a new improved design and layout which is much more logical from a usability perspective. We’ve also made it easier for you to self-serve handling simple customer issues, such as changing user passwords, unlocking user accounts, changing or voiding journey types and disabling a user’s account.

Last but not least, and maybe most excitingly, there’s our new Rewards module which is available as an optional add on to insurance propositions created through FloowDrive. We’ve created rewards programmes for clients previously and we know there are significant benefits to including these in telematics-based insurance propositions as they can increase driver engagement and encourage drivers to make more positive improvements to their behaviour behind the wheel than a price discount alone.

The Rewards module is easy to set up and fully integrated into FloowDrive, allowing insurers to offer a range of rewards from food and drink vouchers to discounts at online stores, giving you the ability to choose the most suitable rewards to fit your customer demographics. All of this allows insurers to offer a great customer experience to their policyholders which is proven to increase customer engagement with telematics-based insurance propositions.

We’re focused on continuing to evolve our Rewards module and are keen to develop additional partnerships in this space to offer even greater choice and flexibility to our clients.

The team is now hard at work focusing on developing new features on the roadmap to roll out in the coming months, keeping FloowDrive at the cutting edge of telematics insurance.

To find out more about FloowDrive and our new updates, including the Rewards module, get in touch with us at info@thefloow.com

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