FloowDrive: One Year On

Michael Rose - March 19th, 2019

One year on from the launch of FloowDrive and we have learnt a lot here at The Floow. It’s been an exciting and interesting 12 months which has seen us celebrate many successes and implement many changes as we continue to work towards delivering unparalleled capabilities for the benefit of our clients and their customers with FloowDrive sitting right at the heart of this.

Just under a year ago, I wrote about the story behind FloowDrive and how proud I was of the team who I worked alongside to deliver FloowDrive, taking it from an idea through development and out into the market in seven short months.

Now, I want to reflect on the last year and how the introduction of FloowDrive was the catalyst for a new era at The Floow. Since launching FloowDrive, we have pivoted from a project-focused organisation, delivering telematics programmes for our clients after many months of development work to a much more product-driven, agile company with a number of teams working in three week sprint cycles focused on the continuous delivery of market-leading innovation.

FloowDrive has removed many of the complexities surrounding the development of telematics insurance propositions. As a result, it has allowed us to more effectively meet the changing needs of the market, the requirements of our clients and their customers (the end-user and recipient of the app experience) and it has provided us with the opportunity to continue our growth globally, opening the door for conversations with insurers of all sizes who now see telematics as a viable and cost-effective option.

The positive conversations we have had across the market have led to multiple client wins including the innovative solution we produced for AmeriTrust in the US which takes the capabilities packaged into FloowDrive (journey monitoring, scoring, driver feedback) and uses them as part of the telematics fleet solution they planned to offer to their fleet customers.

Currently, we have pilots running across Europe and the US. The reaction to FloowDrive from the market has been extremely positive to date and it is great to see that insurers are excited about the possibilities of telematics which FloowDrive has opened up to them.

FloowDrive was the beginning of The Floow’s move to a product focus allowing us to focus further on innovation projects to improve and continually develop our capabilities. This also provides us with the opportunity to further our understanding of the future of mobility and insurance so we can help organisations in multiple sectors, from insurance to local government, deal with the challenges that new technologies will bring to their business.

As a result, we have recently moved to working and developing our products in an agile way (read more about this in David’s recent blog). This has not only changed our working style but it has resulted in increased collaboration and communication across the company.

This increased focus on collaboration provides us with a better view for product development by making use of client feedback, market research, user research and user analytics and insights to ensure our product meets the needs of our clients, their customers and the market as a whole.

As part of my role as FloowDrive’s Product Owner, I work to ensure that our three week sprint cycles are executed to deliver maximum value for the future of the product. This role provides me with the opportunity to ensure that FloowDrive progresses and develops in a way which ensures it remains innovative and adapts to changes and trends in the market whilst continuing to fulfil the current requirements of the insurance market.

After such a great 12 months, it was topped off perfectly when FloowDrive won the Best Smarter Travel Innovation award at the Smarter Travel Awards in October 2018. This was a great moment of recognition for the product and for all the hard work the team put into this, and continue to put into it, to make FloowDrive the robust and valuable solution we hoped that it would be when we first started to scope out this product.

I’m looking forward to seeing what 2019 will bring for FloowDrive and The Floow as we continue to evolve and develop as a company. To find out more about FloowDrive, get in touch by emailing info@thefloow.com

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