How FloowFleet is The Future of Small Fleet Management

John Kramer - October 12th, 2018

As Vice President of The Floow, North America, and as a former Product Development Manager for an insurance company, I’m very aware of the challenges faced by insurers in the US around commercial lines, in particular, when managing small fleets.

The combination of more people on the road driving more annual miles, coupled with the ever increasing problem of distracted driving, means that accidents are proving to be higher in both frequency and severity. In the US, commercial auto has seen seven consecutive years of underwriting losses, with last year reaching a 16 year high where combined ratios reached 111.1%. This has resulted in insurers taking excessive amounts of rate and resorting to extreme underwriting activities, including non-renewing of policies and exiting business lines altogether to try and combat these unprofitable trends.

At The Floow, we continuously strive to support our insurance partners by giving them the tools to better manage their risk in this market while supporting fleet managers by identifying and improving risky driving. We feel this will help improve profitability and reduce insurance costs, while making mobility safer and smarter for everyone.

I am therefore pleased to introduce our newest product, FloowFleet, a cost-effective, turn-key, white-labeled risk management platform aimed at small fleets up to 25 light-duty vehicles. FloowFleet uses The Floow’s class-leading scoring algorithm to analyze driving behaviors with the highest correlation to risk, allowing insurers to better manage their risk. It also helps fleet managers identify poor driving behaviors and address the problem at the source to reduce the chances of loss for both the business and the insurer.

Through an easy to use, intuitive online portal, the fleet manager can keep track of all their vehicles as well as being informed of each driver’s score across four key areas: smooth driving, speed, fatigue and time of day. In addition, geofences can be set to alert the fleet manager if any of their vehicles enter or leave a designated area of their choosing.

In addition, we have a strong roadmap of new features including, manager assigned curfews, crash/First Notice Of Loss alerts, an optional driver rewards program, and a driver-facing app to give vehicle operators timely visibility of their scores, which will be released over the coming months.

Our unique approach to allowing our partners to create their own Intellectual Property by building on our scores using their own claims data, means that there’s the opportunity to create unique scores that are highly accurate and predictive across their book, enabling them to differentiate and innovate within their markets while, creating a long-term, strategic asset.

As such, we’re pleased to share we’ve already signed up several leading insurance partners who welcome a much needed solution for their commercial policyholders. For more information on FloowFleet, or to request a demo, please email us at or sign up to our webinar taking place on October 16 at 10am EDT. If you can’t make it, register your interest and we’ll send you a link to the recording.

Safe driving!

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