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Matt Chalk - November 29th, 2018

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Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to deliver my first presentation as a member of The Floow team at the Insurance Innovators conference which took place at London’s QEII Centre on 5th and 6th November.

It was really great to meet attendees from many insurance companies, from numerous countries and to learn more about their businesses. The interest in telematics continues to increase every year.

On-stage, I spoke about how telematics data has the potential to be used in a much more ambitious way than it is today. Just collecting data isn’t enough to help our insurance partners improve their risk models – they need to enhance risk prediction via better scoring methodologies, and to assist their policyholders to drive more safely.

At The Floow, we help insurers to enhance their risk prediction with FloowScore, our world-class telematics scoring capability. We harness the power of sensors, software and data, building on the expertise acquired through several billion miles of journey data and working with clients across five continents.

Our team of experts, which include data scientists, social scientists and technologists, work to constantly refine our suite of behavioural and contextual scores which many of our clients have proven to be highly predictive of claims propensity.

We’ve also made it incredibly easy for insurers to build their own unique scoring IP on top of FloowScore by training the scores against their claims data, delivering three times the profitability per telematics customer versus traditional policy types.

To create a consistent experience for all of our clients, we collect data from a wide variety of sources including telematics devices, connected cars and the smartphone, scoring each completed journey across a number of areas including speed, smoothness of driving, distraction, fatigue and time of day.

During my presentation, I also spoke about:

  • The importance of telematics in today’s insurance landscape which is undergoing a number of changes as a result of new technological developments
  • The growth of telematics, that we are witnessing, beyond “young drivers”, and into the mass market
  • The power that scored driving data offers over traditional risk factors alone by providing additional or unique insights into driver behaviours
  • How to create and deliver a successful telematics programme through the use of additional features including driver coaching or rewards and incentives schemes to reward and reinforce good driving behaviours and sustained improvements over time

It was great to be able to present FloowScore and its benefits to the attendees of this year’s Insurance Innovators event, and to speak with so many highly engaged insurance professionals about the power of telematics. This industry is undergoing a major transformation that can be beneficial for insurers and their policyholders and I believe that data insights are the major driver of that.

To find out more about FloowScore or to request a demo, drop me a line at

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