International Women’s Day

Chaunsey Haynes - March 08th, 2019

It’s International Women’s Day, and here at The Floow, we believe that there is a certain power in the ability to see an idea from many different perspectives. This is true in all forms of our operation, whether it be development, testing, supporting, marketing or selling any product or solution that we make. The massive range of diversity that is offered here is one of the many reasons why we are successful on this front.

I am blessed to be able to share my environment with some of the most generous, daring, tenacious, passionate and driven women that I have ever met. I am inspired by the work that we do here at The Floow, and I am reminded every day that we wouldn’t have been able to get where we are now without the help of every single member of our team. I decided to ask the women here what they liked most about working at The Floow, and here are a few of their responses:

“I love the people here. The culture and the values really do mean a lot.”

“I really like the flexibility. I am part-time and I felt like in some organisations, that was an issue before. Not at The Floow. They’re supportive and realise a good work-life balance means happy employees.”

“The diversity of my role and the different teams I liaise with on a daily basis makes every day a ‘school day’. The language I used when I first started sounded foreign and very technical. I am pleased to say that I know now more about API’s and BLE’s and many other acronyms used on a daily basis.”

“I am glad to be a full-time working mum managing to have an enjoyable and challenging career whilst also keeping the home running and the kids happy (well kind of!).”

“Working at The Floow you feel empowered and extremely valued, where everyone is treated as equally important to the business’s success.”

“I am an English Literature graduate, so perhaps not the most obvious profile to find myself forging a career in the tech industry. But I have found that having a way with words and being able to describe the power and impact of the solutions we develop is a very critical skill and something that businesses like The Floow really need, particularly when communicating with and selling to non-technical customers.”

“It takes all types of skills and capabilities to grow a business and it’s exciting to be able to make an impact within a purpose-led organisation like this one.”

“I really enjoy the people that I work with. I genuinely look forward to coming into work to see my colleagues. I believe that the work we do can change people’s lives, and that’s one of the biggest drivers for me.”

“The people! They make working here an absolute ball. We have a laugh every single day but I know I can also rely on them to support me and help everyone to produce their best work possible.”

After speaking with a few of the women that work here, it was evident there was one main theme that came about through discussion. That theme was culture. The idea that they aren’t seen as WOMEN in development, marketing, testing, design or any other aspects of business. They are seen as excellent developers, quality engineers, creative contributors and respected colleagues. This is a culture that allows a woman to be judged solely on her ability and capacity to do a job to its fullest, and not based on her gender.

I have always thought that International Women’s Day was about petitioning our womanhood to the absolute highest extent. Finding a mountain, climbing to its peak and shouting “I am a woman!” at the top of my lungs. But I don’t necessarily believe that anymore. My gender isn’t drawn out to be a determining factor in my capacity to do my job. It seems so minimalistic to think that diminishing gender in any title could mean so much, but I understand that sometimes women don’t want to be seen as WOMEN this or WOMEN that. We just want to be seen as people – who are good at what we do.

Culture doesn’t make people. People make culture – and this is definitely true here at The Floow. One of the main reasons I made the decision to work here was because of the supportive and collaborative nature that The Floow has to offer. This place has so many hidden gems, whether it be the never-ending support from team members to the respectful leadership throughout the organisation. We wouldn’t be able to have this strong, collaborative culture if it wasn’t for the men and women that stood their ground and made their values clear.

I know that today is about celebrating women, and I would like to do just that. I understand that we do have a ways to go in the world in terms of gender-equality, but I truly believe that we are being heard. So here is to all the amazing women – and men – that I work with!

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