Introducing FloowDrive!

Aldo Monteforte - March 19th, 2018

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I’m delighted to announce the launch of FloowDrive, the most exciting new capability in The Floow’s six year history.

As milestones go, this feels like a big one. With FloowDrive, we’re introducing a complete telematics platform that’s powerful, production-ready, quick to deploy and cost effective, allowing insurance clients to introduce new personally branded telematics propositions rapidly and cost effectively.

Clients we talk to agree on one thing – it can be difficult and time-consuming to develop a new telematics proposition from scratch. FloowDrive aims to remove that difficulty by offering a robust and flexible platform to build from, with The Floow’s trusted scoring engine right at its heart.

Our scoring has been honed over several years and is proven to be highly predictive of claims propensity. FloowDrive clients will start with these scores, but over time can train them against their own claims data – and importantly all of this unique insight remains their own IP.

FloowDrive’s primary journey monitoring device is the smartphone – and this is an area where The Floow has proven expertise and market-leadership. Using smartphones means that insurers can get out to market very quickly. It takes just minutes to customise FloowDrive’s customer-facing app to reflect your unique logo, colours and brand identity, so we can spin up an app for your proposition without delay. This makes FloowDrive suitable for test and learn deployments, but it’s robust enough to support broad scale propositions as well.

For the policy-holder, the resulting app is simple to use and engaging – it presents easy-to-understand journey scores and access to tips and education to help you improve your score by showing you the behaviours that are pulling it down across five key areas. And by integrating an optional rewards and incentive module or driver coaching programme, insurance clients can encourage long-term improvements in behaviour that we hope will make the roads a safer place.

This week we’re unveiling FloowDrive at the MarketForce ‘Insurance Innovators’ event in London, and in a client webinar which is taking place on Thursday 22nd March at 3pm GMT. If you can’t make our webinar, you can register anyway and we will send you a link to the recording after the event which you can watch at your convenience. But if you want to find out more or see a demo separately, please email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We’re convinced that FloowDrive is a huge step forward for the telematics industry and will stimulate many more new telematics propositions to be launched for the benefit of insurers and policy-holders alike.

Thanks to the hard-working team at The Floow who have invested seven months and more than 1000 hours in the development of this new platform. I’m very proud of you all.

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