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Andrei Berechet - April 20th, 2020


I’m delighted to announce the launch of FloowTag, an exciting new product that complements our robust FloowDrive platform.

After initially launching FloowDrive back in March 2018, we have been working closely with insurers to understand what they want from FloowDrive and we’ve been using those insights to constantly evolve its capabilities. This close collaboration led to multiple updates to FloowDrive,  ranging from the introduction of an integrated rewards module to passwordless registration and the addition of onboarding and engagement email campaigns allowing insurers to effectively communicate with policyholders.

FloowDrive was developed as a flexible smartphone application to make telematics cheaper and more accessible for all insurers by removing the cost and complexity barriers associated with “black box” type devices. The introduction of FloowTag as a complementary product to our FloowDrive platform provides insurers with more added value, and another customisation option when deciding what type of proposition they want to offer to their policyholders.

FloowTag is a small, stand-alone Bluetooth Low Energy device which can be self-installed to a vehicle’s windscreen. It connects to the driver’s phone via the FloowDrive app and ensures that the phone only records journeys when motion is detected in that vehicle. 

While our FloowDrive app identifies the driver, FloowTag identifies the vehicle and makes the association between a driver and multiple vehicles possible. FloowTag also allows for vehicle specific risk scoring and mileage calculations and paves the way for a wide array of features such as crash detection and improving the driving events quality and accuracy. 

Drivers can see tag related information, such as battery levels, directly in their FloowDrive application,  where they can also manage the connection between the tag and their phone.

For insurers, the option of adding FloowTag to a FloowDrive proposition will provide them with a number of additional benefits including:

  • Only journeys where a driver’s phone and FloowTag are in range will be captured – this helps improve the accuracy of our scoring and mileage captured
  • Cheaper than an OBD device
  • Simple to install and support
  • Universally compatible and CE compliant
  • Improved phone battery life as only the insured vehicles journeys will be recorded

At The Floow we continue to work towards creating innovative Connected Insurance solutions which fulfil the needs of the insurance market, prepare insurers for the future of mobility and make our roads a safer and smarter place for everyone. 

The launch of FloowTag is a key moment in the continuous development of FloowDrive, coming at an extremely important time for the insurance market as it deals with the changes to mobility brought about by the current global situation and looks towards the future of insurance.

As drivers use their vehicles less, there is likely to be a swing towards pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) insurance models allowing drivers to only pay for insurance when they need it, saving them money in the long-term. Due to its capabilities and cost effectiveness, FloowTag is a great option for a PAYD proposition ensuring that only journeys from the insured vehicle are monitored and analysed so drivers are not incorrectly charged or unfairly penalised for journeys taken on a train or in another vehicle.

At The Floow, we are happy to assist insurers to build a proposition which fulfils the ever-changing needs of drivers and support their pricing analysis. By using the tag and the smartphone together we can effectively monitor driver behaviour and add distraction into mileage based pricing to help significantly differentiate risk.

To find out more about FloowTag and how it works within FloowDrive, contact us at

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