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Sam Chapman - August 24th, 2020

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At The Floow, our mission is to make mobility safer and smarter for everyone. Over the last eight years, we’ve worked hard to create connected insurance solutions which have a positive impact on driver behaviour and road safety whilst continuing to investigate new ways to use our insights for the benefit of organisations across the mobility sector, as well as road users.

We’ve had the opportunity to work on countless research projects, including SETA – which made use of traffic data to understand drivers and the streets they move around on – and ACUTE – which took this further and helped deliver new insights to solve problems relating to congestion and understanding local traffic in ways which can support proposed changes to road networks etc.

In the last 12 months, we have continued to explore how we can incorporate these findings into our work. The understanding we developed and the new techniques we collated have been refined so we can analyse anonymous traffic data and gain new insights which could prove to be beneficial for traffic and transport professionals.

This work has led to the launch of MobilityIn, the latest product development from The Floow, which is a means of understanding and providing evidential insights about locations from the behaviours of vehicles within a specific region. 

MobilityIn provides an unprecedented view of traffic behaviours and delivers an in-depth understanding of mobility through unique data and insights. By using mobile vehicle monitoring techniques, we provide visibility of thoroughfare traffic, as well as between fixed point sensors, in order to deliver insights across the road network. It also allows us to minimise the risks on the road as remote monitoring removes the need of on-site surveys. 

The insights MobilityIn delivers can help make our roads and communities greener and safer and they can be used by:

  • National Governments
  • Local Authorities
  • Councils
  • Road Safety Organisations
  • Academia
  • and many more

MobilityIn has been designed to create an understanding of traffic and mobility that derives from the behaviours of drivers across our road network to truly understand how we move throughout our towns and cities, as well as on motorways and rural roads. These insights can inform infrastructure planning, to help update old road networks, and supply a solid evidence base for the introduction of measures to tackle dangerous driving behaviours, congestion and air pollution.

To find out more about MobilityIn and how it could prove to be a beneficial service for your organisation, get in touch with us at and you can follow us at @in_mobility for all the latest updates relating to MobilityIn.

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