Karshare Release Karmate App, Using The Floow’s FloowDrive Solution, as Part of Pioneering Project to Help Mobilise COVID-19 Workers

The Floow - April 15th, 2020

Karmate app screenshots

UK car sharing company Karshare has recently launched a brand new app, Karmate, powered by global telematics provider, The Floow and their FloowDrive solution.

Karshare is the latest innovation from Car & Away, a scheme originally at Gatwick and Bristol Airport which allows passengers to rent their car out while on holiday. The company launched Karshare in response to the COVID-19 crisis, loaning out cars from members of the local community to be used by frontline NHS workers, charities and food banks – completely free of charge.

The scheme is currently operating successfully with over 300 cars donated in Bristol, Brighton and the London Docklands areas, with calls from communities to launch elsewhere around the country to help support more frontline workers in their fight against the virus.

With key local partners in each area, Karshare cleans, checks and insures each car which has been donated before making it ready for frontline workers to get where they need and deliver much needed medicines, food and supplies.

The Karmate app, which is built using The Floow’s FloowDrive solution, is a vital element to the sharing process. The app allows Karshare to monitor the journeys of volunteer drivers and their driving behaviour when on the road, providing peace of mind for those who are donating their car to others.

Karshare founder Andy Hibbert said: “With food banks and aid sources stretched to their limit, and NHS workers being placed under unprecedented pressure, loaning an unused car is a simple, easy way that people can help. We’ve seen a great response so far from the people of Bristol, Brighton and London Docklands with over 300 vehicles donated to date but we’re seeking hundreds more.

“The Karmate app has been a key component to the launch of Karshare – it allows us to provide complete peace of mind to owners that their car will be driven responsibly while on loan. It’s great to have The Floow on board as one of our key partners– helping us get the scheme off the ground in such a short notice period.”

“It’s really wonderful to be working with Car & Away, and their partners, on the Karshare Community project.” commented David James, Chief Operating Officer at The Floow. “They spotted a great opportunity to help the UK’s key workers, from NHS staff to care workers and volunteers, during the COVID-19 crisis and we’re extremely proud to be a part of this with the development and launch of the Karmate app.

We’ve already seen a success story with Karmate. A key worker with six points has been approved to use a donated car by the insurer, despite the normal restriction being three points, as the app will be monitoring her driving behaviour. We’re glad to see that the app is already proving to be beneficial to those who need it most.”

Karmate is available to download now from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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