Managing Our Business To Meet The Needs of Our Clients

Claire Sargeant - November 07th, 2019

All businesses are inherently customer-centric, the customer and their needs are at the forefront of everything a business does. At The Floow, we’re no different as delivering market-leading solutions and a great service which meets and exceeds client expectations are absolutely key to what we do.

We aim to create true partnerships with our clients which will allow us to understand their requirements to ensure that the solutions we create deliver benefits for their business and meet the ever-changing needs of the market due to the fast pace of change in technology.

Earlier this month, I hosted an offsite event for some of our client-facing colleagues from our US and EMEA teams from a number of areas across the business including sales, client development, operations, project management and pricing and actuarial, because I believe that for us to effectively meet the needs of our clients and their customers, we need to be fully aligned across all teams.

Over the course of the two days, we focused on a range of topics including reviewing our last financial year, understanding our targets for this year and setting strategies to achieve them as well as using this as an opportunity to share knowledge between colleagues and across departments.

The aim was to help these different areas of the business to better understand how each other works and what the key priorities are for the rest of the year so we can all work more efficiently by focusing on the same goals, providing additional benefits to our clients as they will be the ones to benefit from our focus on greater collaboration and knowledge sharing.

But it wasn’t all work, we had to have some fun and the Peaky Blinders themed escape room we took part in provided us with just that. Team building exercises such as this are vital to help us get to know each other better, especially the newer members of the team, so we can work more collaboratively when it comes to day-to-day work.

After the two days away from the office, not only do we feel more aligned but we have put in place some next steps to help us capitalise on the progress made during the workshop.

Going forward, we will continue to revisit what was discussed every quarter to track progress over time and ensure that we continue to be as focused as possible on our clients and their customers to deliver solutions that delight end-users, satisfy market requirements and which are truly beneficial for today’s – and tomorrow’s – problems.

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