Manifesto for a New Decade: The Floow Vision for Motor Insurance and The Future of The Floow’s Data Refinery

Aldo Monteforte - February 11th, 2020

Sam and Aldo sat on a sofa

Since founding The Floow almost eight years ago, I have been living on the road, meeting hundreds of professionals from the world’s leading insurers. Many honour my team and I with their confidence and, sometimes, deep questions exuding anxiety and trepidation:

  • “What is The Floow’s perspective on the future of motor insurance?” 
  • “Will tech render our operating model irrelevant?” 
  • “Are threats from digital giants real or imaginary?”  
  • “How are consumer preferences on mobility evolving?” 

To anyone who is listening I say: 

We are living through the most transformative era this fundamental industry has ever experienced since the first motor vehicles were insured in the 1890s.

Let me share the vision exciting and inspiring all at The Floow:  

We imagine policyholders transformed into willing partners in risk prevention. In this still imaginary, but not so crazy, brave new world:

  • End-users self select into Connected Insurance – their purchase and consumption effortless, frictionless, “no questions asked”  
  • Pricing decisions automatically powered by sensor-driven, finely-grained understanding of an individual risk profile
  • Pricing fundamentally fairer, frauds rooted out, touchless claims instantly managed and resolved to end-user delight
  • Users more than ever in control, their privacy sacrosanct, behaviourally coached towards reduced frequency and severity

Connected Insurance will give people back time, money and most importantly, safety. None of this will surprise folks familiar with The Floow’s single-minded obsession for safer and smarter mobility. 

What forces are getting us there? At The Floow, we see a path accelerated by three transformative trends.

  1. The Proliferation of Connected Sensors: Smartphones continue to penetrate the space, while Original Equipment sensors populate new vehicles and start contributing data to Connected Insurance
  2. Changing Ownership Models: The number of 16 year old Americans who hold a drivers license almost halved, from 46% to 26%, between 1983 to 2017 
  3. Autonomy: Though delivery schedules for Level 4 and 5 have been recently revised and pushed forward (edge cases are tougher than anticipated), it is a matter of when, not if. As the auto space is shaped by the advent of intelligent vehicles, the understanding of risk, crucial to the profitable running of insurance, will require risk models that understand the probability of a claim when partial autonomy is enabled. The Floow’s research and development is at the forefront of this evolution.  

Against this background, digital giants enjoy unparalleled, data driven intimacy with the lives of billions of consumers. Data enables deep risk model engineering. How long is the leap to underwriting decisions? Not long.

On the other hand, no era has been more auspicious for those prepared to embrace insights available from mobility data.  

In this context, The Floow’s Data Refinery becomes indispensable, delivering Connected Insurance to all our partners. Turning threat into opportunity, securing their competitiveness in the brave new world which is approaching fast and protecting them from the receiving end of disruption. 

Reflect on this: For the first time in history, an unprecedented proliferation of sensors is enabling the observation of behaviour and supporting scores which reflect individual driver performance and promise individually tailored products. 

The predictive power of behavioural scores and their correlation with consumer actions enables educational feedback and the establishment of a partnership in risk prevention between insurer and policyholder. When compared to traditional risk models, the typical uplift from The Floow’s behavioural and contextual scores is 30% to 60%. On average, an insurance client of The Floow generates up to 3x profit uplift on a Connected Product vs a non-connected one.

Connected Insurance represents the biggest transformation in motor insurance since the commercial availability of motor vehicles. The ability to create unique scoring IP on the back of The Floow libraries and master user engagement provides foundations for competitive advantage for insurers for many years to come.

As we continue to focus our efforts on innovation and sustainable growth, nothing excites me more than reflecting on the safer and smarter world of mobility our partners and The Floow are creating together, with effects that will span across generations.

If you’d like to find out more about how The Floow can help you in 2020, contact us at

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