Official Release of Direct Line DrivePlus Van

The Floow - January 22nd, 2014


Today, Direct Line Group released their latest telematics app – DrivePlus Van! It has been developed by The Floow, just like DLG’s original DrivePlus, and is completely free to download for both new and existing customers.

The easy-to-use app uses the GPS functionality in your phone to understand how you drive and monitor your journeys to give you a unique premium tailored to your individual driving style. It will automatically detect if you are using other methods of transport such as a train or plane, but you can also voluntarily “tag” journeys where you were not the driver, such as when you were a passenger in a car or bus. For journeys where you are the driver, the app will look at different aspects of your driving such as acceleration, braking and cornering.

There is an auto start and stop feature which you can activate, and upon the completion of your journey you will get a score. The app shows you incidents that may have affected your score on a map, providing guidance as well as improving your driving safety and style over time. Things such as answering phone calls, harsh acceleration and severe braking are pointed out so you can see exactly how your score was calculated.

After 300 miles have been logged, you will get an overall score and safe drivers will be provided with a promotional code that could get them up to 15% off their next insurance quote with Direct Line!

The Floow Limited are very proud that world leading insurers, such as Direct Line, have embraced our vision for safer and cheaper mobility for all. The apps we design help to distinguish between who drives safely and who does not, improving the loyalty, trust and relationship between the insurance company and the customer.

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