Partnering With Clients To Deliver Success With Their Existing Apps

Zoe Sullivan - June 14th, 2018

I’ve worked in The Floow’s client development team for around nine months now and a key part of my role is developing close relationships with our clients to ensure their propositions are successful. When we create a new telematics solution for a client, we are responsible from inception to deployment as well as providing ongoing maintenance and support.

However, not all of our clients want a complete solution from us. Some of our clients already have their own customer-facing app and want to maintain full control over the user experience, proposition and design. Equally, some of our clients have a very experienced development team in-house responsible for building apps and technical solutions to suit their needs. All they need is access to some additional feature capability from a trusted partner.

This is where FloowKit comes in. Our mobile SDK solution is a body of code that can be integrated into another software solution to provide additional functionality, such as journey capture, monitoring and scoring. This allows a company to offer a telematics-based proposition to their customers.

Our mobile SDK code ‘talks to’ The Floow’s platform allowing us to securely gather data from a driver’s journey and score them reliably against our world-class scoring algorithm. The data which is collected, analysed and scored is available to view by the end-user in an app as well as being provided to the client in the form of journey lists and scores for each specific driver.

FloowKit has been developed using more than six years of experience and is built upon the same telematics core platform as our other solutions making it an extremely robust platform for our clients’ business needs.

A number of our clients have successfully implemented our mobile SDK solution into their mobile apps. For example, car recovery provider Green Flag offers an app to their customers which contains FloowKit. The feature tracks driver journeys over 1000 miles scoring their behaviour behind the wheel, and then allows the provider to cross-sell motor insurance to them. The feature remains dormant until the driver chooses to opt in but it’s a very useful feature for drivers looking to get a fairer price on their insurance quotes using evidence of their individual driving behaviour. Additionally, the app provides drivers with insights into their driving to help them focus on improvements which could help lower their risk profile.

Another of our clients uses FloowKit in a more traditional way as their development team have built a telematics app which facilitates their annual insurance policy. In this instance, the journey data we capture, analyse and score is as a condition of a driver’s insurance policy and is essential to help the insurer gain an accurate picture of their drivers’ behaviour. For the driver, specifically low-scoring drivers, the data, scores and feedback can help them to improve their driving for their benefit and that of other road users.

As consumers migrate more and more of their daily activities to their phones we anticipate that demand for FloowKit will grow amongst clients with highly competent developer teams. We look forward to welcoming them as clients of The Floow and helping them and their customers succeed in the world of telematics.

If you would like to find out more about FloowKit and our mobile SDK solution, get in touch with us at

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