Plymouth Rock Assurance and The Floow Working in Partnership on Their YUBI Proposition

Christina Presnar - March 20th, 2019

My role at The Floow centers on ensuring that our US clients can meet their business and customer objectives by making use of our telematics products and services. Nothing makes me happier than delivering on client expectations and seeing them genuinely happy and energized as a result of our partnership.

Plymouth Rock Assurance are a longstanding client with an enduring focus on delivering an amazing experience to its insurance customers. I am proud to work with Plymouth Rock to deliver a high quality telematics insurance program, YUBI®.

YUBI was developed with a custom build and initially launched in May 2017 to Plymouth Rock’s customers in New Jersey. The product offering later extended into Pennsylvania, with a launch in November 2017. The success of the YUBI program to date and their satisfaction with our partnership sees Plymouth Rock planning to expand their offering throughout their footprint.

YUBI is an insurance-based smartphone app, which currently has around 5,000 users across the two states they operate in. Drivers are shown five key component areas within the app: speed, smooth driving, mobile distraction, time of day of a trip and fatigue. These components help to create scores for each trip they complete and aggregate to overall driver scores, averaging all their trip scores to date.

Customers in YUBI are enrolled into a 180-day trial period program which provides them with the opportunity to gain a discount on their auto insurance. Once the trial period has passed, drivers can continue to use the app but its usage is currently not linked to earning further discount on their premium.

Plymouth Rock uses continuous data collection within their program as they see the data which is collected through the app as extremely important for increased insight into driver behavior and the risk insured on their insurance book.

With YUBI, they have also transitioned their customer communications from email to SMS (text messaging) for instances such as registration, reminders and updates relating to the program, all designed to make life easier for their users through more timely processes, direct contact with each participating driver and ensuring that the user receives the communication on the device where the app will be located.

Our close collaboration with Plymouth Rock has not only benefited them and their policyholders but their feedback regarding our service and capability development helped drive significant improvements to the initial specifications of our insurer portal which is a key component of our FloowDrive and FloowFleet products.

Plymouth Rock’s feedback was invaluable in improving the functionality of that portal and helping us to make sure that it meets the specific requirements of insurers in the US market. Two examples of this were providing the capability to record the total number of trips and total mileage completed by a driver from the moment they enroll on the telematics policy, as well as ensuring some geographic language and localization features.

By encouraging a deep partnership with our customer, The Floow team has the opportunity to create and develop solutions which deliver true benefit to the market and the future of mobility and insurance. As a result, Plymouth Rock have become one of our closest partners and after nearly two years of working with them, we feel very excited about the future of our relationship.

For Plymouth Rock, they continue to demonstrate their commitment to this project with a dedicated team working on the YUBI program to ensure that it is nurtured in the right way so their customers can get the most out of the capabilities the solution offers.

As they push forward with the expansion of their program, Plymouth Rock is looking to incorporate additional features into YUBI to further encourage engagement and improvements from drivers with regards to their behavior behind the wheel, including capabilities such as rewards schemes and our driver coaching program, FloowCoach.

For both Plymouth Rock and The Floow, 2019 presents huge opportunities for the growth of YUBI and telematics throughout the auto insurance industry in the US. Plymouth Rock is working hard to be at the forefront of this shift and we are ensuring that we will be there with them by continuing to collaborate with them on YUBI’s future.

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