Postcards From Paris and Amsterdam: The Floow Hits The Road

Manfredi Di Cintio - October 25th, 2017

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It’s always a fantastic privilege to get on the road and spend time talking to customers and prospects, and just a few weeks in to my time at The Floow last week was all about that for me.

I had the opportunity to attend two conferences in Europe focused on auto insurance, and what struck me most strongly was the diversity in maturity around telematics from insurance companies in different countries and markets.

First up was the Connected Auto Insurance Conference in Paris. The French market for telematics is most certainly one in transition and development. Insurers are hungry for insights and information about the opportunity to introduce telematics into their product portfolio and it was fantastic to talk to many of them at this event as they start on their journey with this technology.

I then had the opportunity to attend the 3rd Motor Insurance Telematics Conference in Amsterdam, where there was a more diverse set of attendees from across Europe, many of whom are already achieving success with telematics. I’ve noticed that markets in the UK, Northern Europe and Italy are most well advanced in their development and deployment of telematics-based products, though this is still a very young industry with a huge amount of development and market opportunity ahead of us.

Speakers at the event included Neil Ingram from DLG who presented the award-winning Shotgun app that The Floow helped to develop for young British drivers in the 17-25 age group. It was clear that there was a lot of interest in how this sort of capability can help to adjust driver behaviour over time, with a mix of visible scoring, coaching and incentives. We were able to demo the app to a lot of delegates afterwards which helps to bring the capability to life for those prospects.

A second customer of The Floow, Paul Middle from RSA, talked about how to select the right technical partner in what’s becoming a crowded market. He explained how partnering with The Floow for a project in Norway was the best decision they made. Thanks Paul! We couldn’t have asked for better validation of our work!

I’m extremely excited by the opportunity that’s ahead of us to spearhead the development of the telematics industry in Europe. One thing’s for sure: The Floow will continue to be a leader in the market.

If you’d like to know more about how The Floow could help you introduce telematics for your customers, please drop me a line here:

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