Product Release Notes: Release 9

The Floow - December 14th, 2020

14th December 2020

We’re pleased to present Release 9 which features a number of improvements, as well as the introduction of new capabilities, to our FloowDrive and FloowKit products. 

Release 9, covers product work which has taken place from 1st July until the beginning of December, and the capabilities being introduced are detailed below.


We have introduced a range of new updates to our FloowDrive platform in Release 9 including:

  • Updates to permissions messaging on Android and iOS14 operating systems which help users correctly set up permissions for journey capture in the FloowDrive app
  • A refresh of the journey screens in the FloowDrive app improving the app’s accessibility, providing a smoother user experience for app users and providing our clients with greater flexibility around the look and feel of their FloowDrive app
  • Further updates to policy lifecycle management which make more policy operations available programmatically, via API, for our clients 
  • A simpler way for the FloowDrive app users to confirm their journey type, and;
  • A new registration method for FloowDrive users who can now use SMS to register in the app instead of their email address 


Available on FloowKit and FloowDrive

In July, we released our smartphone-based crash detection service on FloowKit which was the start of our journey towards the ultimate goal of touchless claims. The introduction of FloowClaims, our claims module, in Release 9 builds on the previous release, and features a number of capabilities relating to crash detection and claims processing.

If you are a client and you would like to find out more about what is included in this release, please get in touch with your Client Development Director. 

For non-clients, if you would like to find out more about our solutions and this release, please get in touch at

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