The Floow and The University of Sheffield at ‘The Cutting Edge of Engineering’

Sam Chapman - July 24th, 2017

Group of students sat around tables talking and working

From 9th – 14th July 2017 the University of Sheffield hosted “The Cutting Edge of Engineering”, a four-night residential course for 45 young people currently in academic year 12 considering studying STEM subjects at the University of Sheffield.

In collaboration with Headstart EDT, the Engineering Development Trust which aims to inspire future engineers and scientists, The Floow were invited by the University to talk to prospective students about STEM and possible career paths within STEM subjects.

Sam Chapman, Chief Innovation Officer at The Floow and alumni of the University of Sheffield offered his expertise and advice on Computer Science degrees, detailing their extensive career potential and explaining all the exciting aspects of studying STEM subjects.

Within his talk Sam, an appointed STEM ambassador, a role that champions STEM education in the UK and industry integration, explained how STEM subjects have a significant impact on the world and underpin everything that we do – ultimately highlighting that STEM is the glue that holds society together.

In his advisory role to the University of Sheffield, Sam was well-equipped to answer the students’ questions, which ranged from the future of certain industries to augmented reality to the rate of change in business technology.

Here at The Floow we are at the epicentre of cutting edge insurtech and the digital transformation of the insurance industry. We therefore actively promote the study of STEM subjects amongst the next generation and position ourselves at the forefront of the fight to increase the profile and provision of STEM in the UK.

We engage with stakeholders locally, regionally and nationally, highlighting that STEM subjects are critical to the innovation and progress of business in the UK. We also encourage others to see the value in studying STEM subjects and are doing all that we can to inspire others to share this vision.

In doing so, we are increasing the scope of digital and tech talent in Sheffield and, crucially, by employing graduates from both The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University who have graduated in STEM subjects, we aim to also retain this vital talent pool within the region.

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