The Floow Joins European Road Safety Charter

The Floow - November 05th, 2013


The Floow are leaders in the field of telematics, working to develop new software, applications and content to make driving safer and cheaper for everyone.

The European Road Safety Charter is much more than a policy document, it is an invitation by the European Commission to take concrete actions, assess results and further heighten awareness about the need to reduce road accidents. The European Commission has a major role in an effort to make our roads safer and maintain a better level of road safety throughout Europe. 

It gives all stakeholders the opportunity to share ideas as well as practices across Europe, so that we can all learn from each other and hopefully gain inspiration as to how the road situation in Europe can be improved.

Here at The Floow, we aim to “Make Driving Safer And Cheaper For All” by designing mobile applications for drivers and developing telematic systems which provide motor insurers, auto makers and service providers with analytics and predictive models to increase customer loyalty and reduce the number of accidents.

You can view our full profile on the official European Road Safety Charter website.

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