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The Floow - February 10th, 2014

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The Floow Limited has teamed up with EPPICS to contribute to the project with large scale movement data capture and analysis technology.

The EPPICS (Event Prediction and Decision Support based on Huge Data from Physical-Social Systems) project kicked off on 1st February 2014 and will run for 36 months with funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration. 

It was created due to the rapid growth in deployment of networked devices and sensors caused by miniaturisation, progress with energy issues and cost reductions, a change which very strongly connects the internet with the physical world. The increased popularity of social media and networking sites as well as smartphones means people have become key sources of information about the physical world, corresponding events and the intents and plans of many individuals.

With more than a billion users organising their lives electronically and sharing large quantities of information through various social platforms on the internet, combined with the number of devices connected to the internet already exceeding the number of people on Earth (and growing to an estimated 50 billion devices by 2020), handling this massive amount of data has become an almighty challenge. 

The idea is that overcoming this challenge may give us a previously unattainable understanding of events and changes in our surrounding environments.

The project will develop large scale adaptive methods to enable pervasive modelling, monitoring and predicting of events in the real world by extracting and combining data and information from physical and social sensors. Such methods will be integrated into a platform that will support citizens, authorities and organisations in taking informed and timely decisions when tackling real world events. Application domains will cover the intelligent management in urban settings with a particular focus on city-wide events management as well as water management, specifically monitoring and reacting to widespread floods. 

EPPICS will provide the technological and methodological framework for capturing, integrating, modelling and forecasting of large-scale hybrid information deriving from hundreds of sensors, thousands of cars and large-scale social media. The technology will give authorities a huge leap in terms of the ability to manage large events where hundreds of thousands of people are involved at the same time.

As mentioned before, The Floow are contributing to EPPICS with large scale movement data capture and analysis technology. This technology is based on capturing movement sensor data to monitor and optimise driver behaviour and also large scale data analysis combining contextual information, historic data behaviour, open linked and crowd sourced data. 

We will create predictive means that take into account historic data and sensor data to alert or suggest changes to driver behaviour, either in the planning phase or, if safe, during the journey. The Floow will exploit the project outcome by integrating novel methodologies and technologies for handling and processing dynamic real-time data for behavioural analysis beyond driver risk and profiling into new functionalities and services.

You can also keep up to date with us and our involvement in the project through our Twitter account and also the #EPPICS hashtag!

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