The Story Behind FloowDrive

Michael Rose - March 23rd, 2018

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After what has been a busy few days for The Floow, it’s nice to take some time to reflect on what has been many months of hard work from the entire team in order to get FloowDrive off the ground and out to market.

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to demo the FloowDrive platform in our webinar and explain it in further detail, focusing on the benefits it offers to insurance customers.

It’s taken seven months of hard work and more than 1000 hours of development time from our business analysts, web and mobile developers, platform engineers, designers, quality assurance engineers, project managers and sysadmins to build, test and finally release FloowDrive to market.

When I was given project delivery ownership of FloowDrive, the brief was very clear: to create a platform which would allow us to create a fully deployable telematics solution in a matter of just minutes whilst also remaining flexible to client requirements and without losing any of the quality we deliver in our bespoke products.

It was a challenging brief but the opportunity presented in the market and customer demand was the catalyst which helped us to get this project off the ground. This included boosting our team with a number of talented new hires to help us make the FloowDrive dream a reality. As we welcomed our new colleagues onboard, they were thrown straight into the middle of the FloowDrive project and for me, it’s been the people who worked on this project that have been the key to its success.

Straight away, we saw that by bringing all of our teams together, we could collate our collective expertise, providing us with the opportunity to create a platform which brings something new to the telematics market.

As a result of working collaboratively across the company from start to finish, we managed to create something that we are all truly proud of and that we hope will positively change the future of motor insurance and mobility as a whole. It took a lot of time and testing to get it right but I’m convinced that we got there in the end, meeting our brief and creating a platform which reduces the time and cost of creating a deployable telematics proposition as well as allowing for customisation to suit a client’s needs.

The FloowDrive project was a steep learning curve for all involved but I think it has helped us to focus on what is truly important to our clients and how we can best work as a company to meet their needs and the changing requirements of the insurance market. I’m very happy with the results of this project and I’m proud of the work all of the team put in to delivering FloowDrive to the market.

If you’d like to find out more about FloowDrive, you can register to watch a recording of our webinarand email for the access code.

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