Andy Goldby

Chief Actuary

Andy is accountable for ensuring the telematics product delivered to insurers and fleet managers is tailored to the needs of the client. He is also responsible for making sure the scoring derived from The Floow's low-cost telematic system can be provided to motor insurers, car makers and fleet operators with actionable insights which will improve pricing and increase customer loyalty and ROI.

A highly respected general insurance industry executive, Andy is a qualified actuary and spent 5 years as the Motor Underwriting and Pricing Director at Direct Line Group (the largest motor insurer in the UK), where he managed a team of 45 actuaries, statisticians and underwriters who deal with the risk and market pricing for all brands under the DLG umbrella.

At DLG, he was the sponsor of various pricing projects including external data sources and telematics. Prior to that, he was the Motor Director at Groupama.

Andy also has significant experience of industry issues built up over many years of active participation on ABI Motor Committee, MIB Levy Committee and various actuarial working parties, including one which won the Brian Hey prize for a Giro paper on the Winner’s Curse.

Since joining The Floow, Andy’s two proudest moments include:

1) Uri Levine, the founder of Waze, seeking Andy out personally at the Chicago TU conference, as the leading telematics scoring expert at the conference, to gather Andy’s views on telematics and scoring with the possible inclusion of this into his latest venture.

2) Working collaboratively with ACG and the USA Department of Insurance to enable ACG to release the first smartphone backed telematics insurance policy in the USA.

At the weekends, Andy can either be found scuba diving off the South Coast exploring wrecks and collecting dinner (crabs/lobsters/scallops) or dancing – his specialities include Ballroom / Latin and Modern Jive / Ceroc!

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