Ben Carpenter

Head of Solutions

Ben currently leads our Solutions Team, in an interdisciplinary role across the business to elicit client requirements, collaborate and advise on solutions, help them and our internal teams understand why and how such solutions are appropriate, and to ensure those solutions are robust and scalable for the future.

Previously a Theoretical Physicist, Experimental Physicist, Web Developer and Technical Director, Ben joined The Floow in 2015 bringing his scientific and connected technologies experience to create elegant solutions to complex problems for our clients.

Prior to working at The Floow, he was the Technical Director at Reflow Studio, an ecommerce and website design and development agency based in the Peak District.

Ben also holds a Ph.D in Low Dimensional Semiconductor Physics and is a Master of Theoretical Physics, both from The University of Sheffield.

Ben has had many proud moments at The Floow, but his main ones include:

  • Creating the FloowKit architecture to maximally empower our clients to design and build their own solutions based on The Floow’s telematics technology
  • Leading and presenting the specifications of The Floow’s unique solutions to Fidelidade (Fidelidade Drive) and Direct Line Group (Shotgun), supporting the multi-party collaborations and observing the successes of the solutions

Outside of work, Ben enjoys mountain biking, photography and spending time with his wife and baby daughter.


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