Sam Chapman

Senior Vice President Innovation, Co-founder

Sam is accountable for science, data analysis, research and innovation. His focus is upon driving The Floow to develop cutting edge capabilities and new services for our clients.

Sam’s prior research work focused upon state of the art approaches for large-scale knowledge management and information integration in complex domains. He has managed successful technical projects in a variety of specialised domains such as high-level procurement, aerospace engineering and emergency response.

Sam has published more than 38 papers in international conferences, books and journals; his publications and areas of expertise cover a broad range of technical ICT areas, including telematics, vehicular pollution, traffic management, knowledge management, multimodal systems, semantic technologies and information retrieval.

Sam frequently gives high profile talks in areas relating to transport and understanding its risks and impacts. He has also acted as an advisor to various government agencies on areas including insurance, autonomous vehicles, pollution, driver behaviour and the digital industry in the North of the UK.

Sam is also an appointed member of the Institute of Environmental Science, an Associate of the Institute of Air Quality Management, a member of the Northern Robotics Network as well as being elected in the company of Cutlers as the only digital cutler and he’s also part of the steering committee of the Yorkshire and Humber Digital Leaders.

Sam has a keen interest in applying new architectures, approaches and technology for insurance telematic solutions. He is also active in the research fields of traffic management, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, driver behaviour and vehicle emissions and he is a graduate of the University of Sheffield, where he achieved BEng, MSc (res) and a PhD in Large Scale Information Integration.

There have been many great moments for Sam at The Floow including winning The Floow’s first customer, Direct Line Group, whilst the company was only six months old to winning the Queen’s award for Innovation when the company was only in its third year.

He’s also extremely proud to have created over a hundred high skilled jobs at The Floow as well as making real change with science and data now being used in the motor insurance industry to ensure people are treated more fairly.

Sam likes to spend his spare time with his wife and two children; they all love to travel and the more remote or different the location the better.

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