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FloowKit with FloowFusion

FloowKit is our Software Development Kit (SDK), which allows our clients to turn a smartphone app into a telematics sensor. It enables organisations to offer telematics capabilities integrated within a single app for end-user convenience and simplicity.

FloowKit provides you with the freedom to build your own app and user experience through the inclusion of a body of code in a new or existing app, giving it the additional functionality of journey data capture and the scoring of driving behaviour.

Developed using our years of telematics and data analytics experience, FloowKit is built upon the same core platform as our other solutions, making it an extremely robust solution.

FloowKit’s mobile SDK code talks directly to The Floow’s platform allowing us to securely gather data from app user journeys and score them reliably, with minimal effort required from the app developer. This information can be communicated back to the app user within the app, and provided to the client organisation in the form of journey lists, detailing information including date, start and end location and journey type, and driver and journey scores.

Our smartphone-based crash detection service is also available on FloowKit. It provides insurers with information relating to whether a crash has taken place during a driver’s journey. At its heart is our crash detection algorithm, which utilises machine learning, to detect crash-related features in the data, and alert when one may have occurred.

We assess each journey to evaluate if a high severity impact (crash) has occurred. The data, including crash probability, severity and location, is fed back to the insurer’s platform. This provides information to effectively handle a crash situation – for example, sending roadside assistance and collecting information for an insurance claim. The ability to proactively respond delivers added value for the policyholder.

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Features & Benefits of FloowKit


A reliable, best in class scoring and analytics engine.

Journey Capture

Robust journey capture with secure end-to-end data transfers.


Flexibility to integrate with the latest technology, including other 3rd-party services that are running in your app.


Scoring engine that’s easy for app users to access and understand.

Aids Driver Improvement

Provides opportunity for app users to learn about their driving behaviour and make positive changes to lower their risk profile and drive more safely.

Auto start stop journey recording

Auto Start / Stop

Both auto-start / stop and manual settings available, based on app owner preferences.


Full control of the user experience and design of your app and telematics feature/solution.

Simple Installation

Easily integrated into new or existing apps with full documentation and support.

Cost Effective

Quick and simple to deploy, reducing development time and enabling reduced time to market.

Crash Detection

Visibility of high severity impact (crash) events that were detected by our smartphone-based Crash Detection Service.


“With Liberty Short-Term Insurance, we’re aiming to revolutionise the short-term insurance market by making it quick, easy and accessible – all enabled by smart technology. This telematics-based personal lines insurance proposition is the first in a range of products to be launched, and we are delighted with the capability and partnership that The Floow has brought to making this happen.”

Marty Epstein, Chief Executive
Liberty Short-Term Insurance

Liberty Short-Term

Liberty Short-Term Insurance offers South African motorists the opportunity to prove that they are a safe driver by initially passing a ‘driver test’ through the app, measured by a set of robust driver scores, and therefore deserving of a heavily discounted insurance solution.


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HDI Diamond Drive

Diamond Drive offers people the opportunity to receive up to 30% money back on their premium as a reward for driving safely.

The app based telematics proposition is powered by FloowKit, which allowed HDI to develop their own app around their offer, whilst still benefiting from the powerful analytics engine developed by The Floow to monitor and produce the driving scores required.

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Via Verde/Fidelidade

Via Verde, the toll road network provider, uses FloowKit within its Smart Drive app, which gives users a score for every journey they complete. After a predefined mileage is completed, they may be offered a competitive price for their motor insurance policy, under-written by Fidelidade, that is reflective of their personal driving behaviour.

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Request more information on FloowKit

Request more information on FloowKit