In order to gauge mobility risk, it is absolutely vital to understand the places through which mobility occurs in extreme detail. Risk is clearly not the same everywhere and as such The Floow goes to great lengths to understand how risk and behaviour alters by geography. 

The Floow’s focus of investigations in this ‘contextual’ area solidify unique knowledge across wide evidential resources to best understand locations. Research in this area includes, but is not limited to, wide data and related risk analysis such as: 

  • Locational incident and crash or hospital records.
  • Insurance incident data (where available – client specific R&D)
  • Geographical topology
  • Global road network
  • Mapping resources
  • Large scale GIS resources
  • Statistical resources related to fine-grained geography
  • Land use data
  • Traffic management and large-scale survey data
  • Road sensor data
  • Weather data
  • Digital elevation data
  • Routing data
  • Demographic data
  • Geographical and temporal behavioural mapping (see the Behaviour section)
  • Global satellite imagery and earth observation data 
  • Road usage demographics
  • Aggregated road user behavioural data 
  • Statistical road user behaviours

The core aims of investigations in this area target improved evidential factors and analysis in mobility risk related to the wider ‘context’ of locations. This target has helped support previous and future scoring development ensuring predictive outcomes. This also helps to provide meaningful global mapping resources which are used in both data processing and end-user feedback. As well as these nearer horizons, work investigates wider aspects and possible futures for road risk and its understanding. 

Given the wide potential scope in geographical contextual data, The Floow collaborates alongside global experts to incorporate the best insight into risk. These works have included wide collaborations ranging from bodies such as the European Space Agency to projects spanning Europe investigating traffic behaviours. 

The Floow remains highly active in this R&D area helping to not only support our insurance clients but also inform impactful policy in the road safety and insurance areas. This includes key appointments in the UK Parliamentary Advisory Committee for Transport Safety helping to review the international evidence base for motor risk from the road environment, driver behaviour and vehicle designs.

Other areas of our R&D

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